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Introduction: BBQ Barrel

Hi everone. Wanted to show my new BBQ Barrel I made this summer. A Barrel BBQ have a big space to use so you can grill much at the same time.

Step 1: Basics

First I found a really old empty barrel at my neigbours backyard. I soon found out that old barrels often have thicker metal then newer ones which is a good things since it keeps the heat better. This barrel had rather thick bands of iron around it which I had to cut in half. Later I found these would make good legs to my barrel. After cutting these in half with an angle griner (I love that tool, not only is it really effective, it also looks cool with all spraks flying around) I keps going with the grinder to make the opening.

IMPORANT: If there is any risk that your barrel have been contatining some burnable fluid it will most certain explode if the is some left in the barrel. You need to make sure all of the fluid is gone before start cutting OR fill the barrel with sand.

Step 2: The Opening

I drew a line where I woul cut out the opening and used the angle grinder to cut the hole. You should be careful not to make a too big opening. The opening should be about 90 degree, ie. if you make the upper part (where the hingis is) straight at the top you should have the bottom part of the opening right at you. You should be a bit careful here since there probably will be some sharp edges where you have cut.

Next step is to screx hinges and a stop where the opening can lean against while its open to avoid breaking the hinges.

Step 3: The Inside

I drilled holes at the sides of the barrel where I entered armor iron on which I put some old grids (I found at the junk yard, Look in old fredges or owens, You will find plenty).

To be able to work with the fire I wanted 2 small grids rather I can open separatly rather then a big one. I attached the grid to the armor iron at the back and not the one in the front. Then I can open the grid to add coal or arrange with the fire.

You also need to make holes in the bottom to make it possible for air to come in and possibly a chimney to furthe imporve the air flow through the barrel. My barrel had a big opening in the middle part in the bottom and a minor hole where i put an old pipe wich made a good ventiation.

Step 4: Finish

I put two levels of grid in my barrel to make it more useful. Normally I only have a fire at one side of the barrel and use the other side to keep the done food warm.

If you close the ventioaltion holes you can also use the barrel as a smoker.

I always have a flat stone below the barrel to avoid the risk of fire spredaing, either with ashes or heat.

If your barrel have had any kind of chemical substance inside I recommand that you make a massive fire inside the barrel to burn out any remains before you put anything you should eat at the grid.

Step 5: EDIT: Some Pics and Smart Moves

OK, I took some extra images this weekend to show my barrel in use. First to images however shows a little invention I'm kinda pride of. I cut a line in the side of the barrel right at the bottom (picture 1). Then I found an old saw blade into the hole (1 and 2). By moving the sawblade in and out I can remove ashes from the bottom of the barrel and push it down the bottom hole(3). This gives the fire a better air flow and it will burn better.

The forth picture shows the iron ring that were around the barrel which I used to make legs. The last three pictures is what I grilled this weekend.

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    4 years ago

    Please stop!!! I know a family in Ala. that grilled on something galvanized and they all got poisoned 2 died and the rest are imbeciles. This should be removed!!!!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi Sonny, I raised your question with a friend before starting the build. My friend is toxicologic and environmental medicine expert here in Sweden. He said that as long as the food does not touch the galvanzied metal Zinc poisoning is not a problem. This kind of build does not cause zinc poisoning as you describe. However it might be worth mention that you should avoid galvanised metal in direct contact with yopur food.


    5 years ago

    Umm ... something to know - Galvanized steel or aluminum is TOXIC when heated. The fumes can cause flu-like symptoms, extended or repeated exposure is not a good idea for long life.

    I just say this because the barrel you are appears to be a galvanized steel barrel. It may not be so, but it certainly looks like one in the photos.

    I do not know if the toxin can be transferred to the food you cook on it - but I do know breathing the fumes when welding is a good way to earn visit to a emergency room if the exposure is high enough.


    Reply 5 years ago

    @Drake88. Thx for the warning. I looked at this matter when I found the barrel. I concluded that you should not use a galvanized grid with direct contact to food but it should be OK with this barrel.