Introduction: BBQ Beefcakes

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here's a simple, quick , and really easy diner that kids (and some kid at heart adults) love!
prep time 10-15 mins
cook time 10-15 mins
muffin tin
1-2 cans Pillsbury's biscuits
1-2 lbs ground beef
1/2 cup (more to taste) BBQ sauce
large handful shredded cheese

note this can be altered in millions of ways such as adding chopped grilled onions or maybe you love catsup over BBQ sauce the possibilities are countless just like everyone's food pallets.

Step 1: Where's the Beef??

FOUND IT! grill up the ground beef in a skillet til brown. now add you favorite BBQ sauce (I like sweet baby rays) and mix in a bowl. next add a big ole handful of shredded cheese (I used per shredded Colby jack from wally world super center) and mix all together.

Step 2: Pastry School

I make life easy and use the biscuits in a can from Pillsbury or similar companies. now lay em out one at a time and punch them (for the stressed out folks) I got a lil sore so I used the bottom of the bowl of meat to flatten them out. now place each on into a muffin tin slot and press against the walls to make a dish

Step 3: Beef Slinging 101

spoon the meat into the Muffin tin and with the extra I made mini cal zones with. now bake the whole set up 10-15 until the dough is golden

Step 4: Drool at the Awesomeness

this is just to show what the end product is and I'm a 26 year old male who works on tractors all day and 3 fills me up just nice the extras make nice lunches.

please comment below with your variation or ideas. any and all criticism is not in anyway negative in fact its a learning experience!