Introduction: BBQ Chicken and Kafta Kebab Sandwiches

In this instructable I will show you how I prepare for a lazy supper night at my house.

I like to freeze food that I prepare at home for later, the Kafta Kebab and the BBQ Chicken are the most popular and they taste delicious.

In this instructable, I will demonstrate how to prepare the meat and freeze them for future consumption.

Step 1: How to Prepare the Kafta Kebabs

Kafta is ground beef mixed with parsley onions and spices, the taste is very similar to meatloaf.

I usually buy the Kafta prepared by the butcher, so I don't have to chop the parsley and the onions. If you want to mix it at home, I suggest to chop the parsley and the onions by hand, do not use a food processor other wise the vegetables will produce too much juice in the oven. If you opt for a butcher prepared Kafta, ask the butcher to prepare it fresh and don't take pre-packaged Kafta.

Equally important, is to ask the butcher for lean or extra-lean meat, or else they will shrink a lot in the oven and you'll end up with very small Kebabs.

You will need 1 Kg of Kafta

Use your hands to roll 20 Kafta balls

Then place the Kafta ball in between your palms and shape them into 20cm kebabs (a little bit longer than a hotdog)

Line the baking pans with parchment paper and place the kebabs in the pans

Cook them in the oven at 350 degrees for 25 minutes

Let them cool then wrap them individually with plastic wrap and put them in freezer bags and freeze them.

When you are ready to make a sandwich, remove one from the freezer, and heat it in a microwave for 2 minutes.

I like to use flat bread to make sandwiches, but you can use whichever you like.

The Kafta goes great with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mustard and hot sauce. Hummus is also delicious with Kafta.

If you have a panini press go for it and enjoy your sandwich.

Next is the Chicken BBQ

Step 2: How to Prepare the Chicken BBQ

The BBQ chicken does need an introduction. Find a place that sells fresh BBQ chicken, I like places that include the garlic sauce with the chicken.

I know that this step is messy but you have to do it.

Separate the meat from the bones and the skin with your hands. If you like to eat the skin go ahead but don't freeze it, for some reason it is not as good when it thaws.

Separate the chicken into individual packs using plastic wrap and put them in freezer bags and freeze them.

When you have the itch to eat a chicken sandwich, remove a pack from the freezer and heat it in the microwave for 2 minutes per pack.

In the sandwich you must have tomatoes and lettuce, pickles of some kind (I like pickled turnips with chicken), hot sauce and of course lots of garlic sauce.

Panini press and enjoy.

Until next time, eat well ..............

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