Introduction: BBQ Enclosure

I designed and built a BBQ enclosure for my mom. There was no storage and little workspace on either side of the old BBQ. There was an old cupboard and drawer just sitting in the garage and a mini fridge on the deck so I decided to make the enclosure based off of those dimensions. Your BBQ enclosure can be dimensions based on your BBQ and set up. Whether you want a cupboard, drawer, and fridge, or two cupboards, or all drawers or two fridges even, whatever you like.


- 2x3's

- deck boards

- old cupboard (or make a one custom)

- plywood

- tile (for the counter top)

- mortar, grout, tile edging

I didn't include exactly how much of each material because it will be different based on your specific dimensions.

Step 1: Framing

To build the frame I cut 2x3's to fit around the mini fridge and used a framing nailer to attach them. The frames for either side have the same outer dimensions, the only difference is the bottom front edge is missing on one so the fridge can slide into place. The cupboard/drawer assembly was simply screwed into the frame of the other. Once this was done I cut plywood to size for the top. I wanted the plywood on before the sides because this way the siding covers the ugly edges of the plywood. The final dimensions for me were about 33" high, 25" wide, and 26" deep, but likely your dimensions will be different.

*It would have been smart to use pressure treated lumber for the bottom of the frame to protect against moisture but I didn't realize this until it was too late. I would recommend making that improvement.

Step 2: Siding

I used deck boards on the sides mainly because there was some just collecting dust in the garage but also in order to match the BBQ enclosure to the deck as well. These were pretty much just cut to length and brad nailed on, with a few needing to be ripped to the correct width. The one side of each was left mostly open because it sits up against the BBQ and wouldn't be seen. I put horizontal pieces on the tops and bottoms of the other sides for a more finished look.

NOTE: With the horizontal trim I had to add some scraps along the top and bottom of the frame on the inside for something to nail the vertical boards to. If you left off the horizontal pieces this would not be necessary as you could nail to the frame itself.

Step 3: Tiling

Tiling was new to me and the one part that I had no idea how to do. First thing I did was cut the edging and brad nail it around the perimeter of the counter top. The tile layout was decided beforehand so that no tiles needed cutting, this made things easier. It was just spread your mortar with a notched trowel and lay down the tiles on the bed of mortar, pressing them down and ensuring they were level and the same height. Since these tiles weren't porous there was no need to seal them and I could move on to grout. The grout was pushed into all the spaces and the excess cleaned away.

*I'm not sure if this is the best way or even the proper way to tile, but this is how I did it.

Step 4: Finishing

The cupboard and drawer were sanded down then painted black to match the fridge. I used an outdoor paint because, well, it's going to be outdoors. The deck boards around the enclosure were stained and the BBQ enclosure was complete. Ready to be installed.

Step 5: Installing

The pad where the BBQ sits is slightly sloped which made the right side of the enclosure sit funny. A few shims under the frame and the adjustable feet on the fridge solved that problem easily.

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