Introduction: BBQ Grill Made From a Washing Machine Drum

It was the eve of the new year and we had planned a BBQ party at home. Everything was ready (marinated food stuffs, garlic bread, charcoal) except for the BBQ grill and when I went to fetch it, it was then I realized that we had given it to someone as we were not using it. Yes, sometimes this do happen. So, I had to improvise something quickly...

Looking for materials around the house, I found:

- A washing machine drum

- An oven shelf

- a piece of square fence wire

- 3 bolts

The basic tools required were:

- Grinder for cutting the drum

- Sand paper

- cutting pliers

Step 1: Cutting the Drum in Half

Using the oven shelf and placing it to the edge of the drum, I used a marker to draw a line where I wanted to cut the drum and then started cutting it in half. When this was done, I sanded all the sharp edges.

Step 2: Removing the Legs From the Drum

To remove the metal leg attached to the drum, I used a grinder to grind off the rivets.

Step 3: Cutting Pieces of Square Fence Wire That Would Fit in the Inside Circle

I have used 2 pieces of the square fence (one over the other) so as to allow for only the ashes to pass through and fall in the lower compartment (and not the charcoal).

Step 4: Fixing Everything Together

Using 3 long bolts, I fixed the two drum parts together. I have fasten the bolts into pieces of wood which became the feet of the BBQ Grill.

Step 5: The BBQ Grill in Action

...And TADAAAAA!!!!!!

The BBQ grill was ready!!!

To improve the performance of the BBQ grill even further you can wrap aluminium foil around 3/4 of the drum so that when you vent air/oxygen on the lower part that is not covered by the aluminium foil the air remains trap in the lower compartment and goes directly to the upper compartment where the charcoal is.

The last picture illustrates the initial design that I had in mind while making this project but due to time constraint and the many starving eyes on me while I was making the BBQ grill. I had to compromise with the idea of wrapping it with aluminium foil which I must admit is not that bad either ;).

So, for the year 2016, this was my last diy gift to my family.

Hope you enjoyed reading this project.

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