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Introduction: BBQ Refurbish Before and After

About: I am a Marine Engineer in the RNZN (41 years done in various navies) and am looking forward to retirement!!! so I can do more messing about with tools

I found this sad old BBQ at the side of the road waiting for inorganic collection, so I knocked on the door and asked if I could have it, They said it didn't work and I was welcome to it.

They even helped me load it in the back of the car.

I figured if it was totally knackered at least it would yield a few spares

Step 1: Got It Home

As you can see it is a little dilapidated, the wheels have rusted out making it difficult to move and the burners don't turn on, also it is very dirty with a couple of years worth of rancid grease on it but otherwise it is solid. My car, on the other hand needs a strong air freshener!!!

Step 2: Let's See What Is Wrong With It!

I propped it up on some bricks and connected a gas bottle to see if it would work, It has 6 burners plus a wok burner but only one will turn on so I'll fix that first.

I have got a 9 litre gas bottle but the big one was handy and I was too idle to fish the small one out.

You know what they say "Go big or go home!"

Step 3: Fixing the Burner Knobs

Took off the burner knobs and gave them a spray with CRC (WD40) then turned using a pair of mole grips (vice grips)

They all turn now and have an automatic ignition spark so thats all good

Step 4: Leaks and Rusty Bits

A couple of the main burners had rust holes and didn't give a good flame, fortunately I had a couple of decent spares from my firepit build, it pays not to throw everything away!

Changed them out and have a nice flame on all the burners

Step 5: Sorting Out the Wheels

As I said at the beginning 2 of the wheels were rusted out and one was missing so I'll remedy that.

I have this little platform that I found while rummaging through a skip - seemed too good to leave and ideal as a base

Step 6: The Base

I have some wheels that I took off of the bottom of a discarded wardrobe (again from a skip/inorganic collection) so I attached them to the bottom of the platform, I had to nail in 4 small pieces of 4x2 to give sufficient size to screw them on

Step 7: We Are Mobile and Level Again

I lifted and centred it on the platform/base, it is a little oversize but that ensures it is unlikely to fall off.

I may put a front and back retaining piece of wood later.

Step 8: Cleaning Up

The Stainless Steel parts had a few marks on them so I rubbed them down with a stainless steel soap filled pad (like a brillo pad, I also used this to clean up the inside (soot etc)

Step 9: Rust Removal

Although the paint I am using (Hammerite smooth) says it can be applied directly over rust I prefer to remove as much as I can using a belt sander on all the mild steel body parts.

I then degreased the whole thing using wetwipes, allowed it to dry and then painted.

While it was drying I cleaned all the other parts like the inner grilles and trays ready to put back in.

Step 10: The Rotisserie

The BBQ has a battery driven rotisserie, naturally this didn't work as the batteries had been in there for ever and had corroded the contacts, so I dismantled and cleaned up, Inserted new batteries, and gave it a spray with CRC and the little monkey worked!

Reassembled ready to rock and roll (or rotate actually!)

Might paint it yet

Step 11: All Painted and Reassembled

Ready for a couple of years more service, and all for nothing.

(I suppose it cost me about $10 in paint)

Looking around on the various websites these retail at about $1000, (for the latest model, I'm guessing this one is about 10 years old)

Just need to buy a cover for it and store it away somewhere out of the weather

I will oil the grill plates with some olive oil to keep them rust free over winter

Now anyone for a barbequed sausage?

I am entering the Before and After Contest and I guess this will qualify for the Fire Contest too.(except I missed it by a couple of days!!)

Any votes would be greatly appreciated

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    Question 1 year ago

    Hey there! I've just inherited my dad's old dilapidated bbq and I've been looking around for tutorials on how to fix it and whatnot - then I found your Instructable and realised that your bbq is the exact same one as mine! Do you happen to know what the brand name/model is?(would be a help when looking for spare parts etc.) I know mine's fairly old, probably bordering on 20 yrs, so most of the markings have rubbed off and Google hasn't been too helpful haha. Cheers!


    5 years ago

    I just got an old grill from someone in town last week. Although it works it's in pretty rough shape. Hoping I'll have time to clean it up this weekend. :)


    Reply 5 years ago

    Once cleaned season it with oil and it'll be great


    5 years ago

    Very cool. Maybe I will get one off craigslist, the free section has them all the time. lol


    Reply 5 years ago

    Paying for stuff is so last century!! Good luck with your search