Introduction: BBQ Roasted Chicken Papillotes

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Hi all !

Ok, the summer is here, and it's time to make BBQs. Today, instead of putting my meat and sausages on the grid, I tried a recipe found in a magazine : chicken papillotes, roasted in the BBQ embers.

You do not have to follow the recipe in details : just do with your favorite ingredients. Today it was chicken, but it may work with beef or something similar.

Follow theses simple steps to get a tasty meal !

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Step 1: Ingredients

Ok, you will need:

  • chicken breasts
  • tomatoes
  • olives
  • spices ("herbs of Provence" and laurel leaves in my case)
  • salt, pepper
  • of course, a working BBQ !

Step 2: Prepare the Papillotes

I'll prepare this meat for 3 persons.

  • slice the chicken into small pieces
  • get an handful of olives, slice them in two.
  • clean the tomatoes, slice them.
  • In an aluminum sheet, put some tomatoes slices
  • add the olives
  • add the chicken slices
  • add some olive oil
  • put salt/pepper
  • add the spices (Herbs of Provence and a leaf of Laurel in my case). Just use the spices you like.
  • once everything is ready, carefully close the sheets and seal them.

(Meanwhile, turn on the BBQ !)

Step 3: Backing

Ok, carefully drop the papillotes in the BBQ embers. Do not pierces them !

I tried to surround them with embers. I also use a bellow to make the embers red.

I leave them about 10 minutes in the BBQ. If you are using bigger pieces of meat, you may increase the time.

(The problem with this recipe is that we don't smell any tasty smokes...)

After about 10 minutes, carefully get them. Watch out, the papillotes are VERY hot. Don't burn yourself, and don't pierces them !

Step 4: Eating

Ok, drop the papillotes in your guests plates.

You may be able to open then by hands. Just pull the aluminum sheet to drop the food in your plate.

Taste, add salt/pepper/mustard if you want.

Here you are ! A simple recipe and a new way to use a BBQ. The advantage of this recipe is that you can cook in the same time meat and vegetables, and you can mix and try a lot of different combinations (beef/chicken/pork...)

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