Introduction: BCW Reclaimed Wine Shelf/Rack

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Brick City Woodworks Reclaimed Wine Rack. This wine rack/shelf is constructed from a antique Tulip drying rack from a Florida Tulip farm as well as reclaimed pallet material. Their is a shelf for holding wine/liquor bottles. It will hold around 6 bottles. There is a second specially notched and routed shelf for holding 4 wine glasses. Almost any size wine or cocktail glass will fit. There are recessed holes to allow each glass to sit firmly and evenly in the glass slots. With leftover space at bottom of the unit could be used to hold liquor glasses and or shot glasses. The rack has been lightly cleaned and the pallet wood has been sanded.

Step 1: Making the Cuts

* Start with a reclaimed crate. Should be at least 20" wide, 30" tall and 4" deep.

* With your crate picked out the first step is to wipe it down and knock off any loose dirt or debris.

* Next make sure you hammer in any staples or nails that protrude from the crate.

* Now you need to cut 3 pieces of pallet wood to the inside width of your crate and 8 - 1" x 1" blocks as long as your crate is deep.

* Sand your pallet wood to desired smoothness. The smoother the better with the board that will be used for the glasses.(helps them slide in and out)

* Next we need to identify which of the 3 cut pallet boards we want to use for the glasses. Preferably a flat clean sanded piece. Once selected we need to measure for the glass cutouts. It is important to space them evenly. Start by measuring the board into 5 even blocks. I I I I I I Picture the outside 2 lines are the edges of the board. The inside 4 marks are where the center of your wine glass stems fit. Now draw a line horizontally across the center of the board and connect each of your dividing marks to it with a square.

*Where the 4 marks intersect in the center of the board you need to cut a 1/2" hole with a drill bit.(keep them straight as possible)

*Once you cut the holes grab you square again and draw lines from the outside edge of the holes vertically to the bottom of the board.(only draw lines on one side of board) You should have just marked 8 lines onto the board. Cut these lines out to make the glass stem slots. This board should now have 4 cutouts and 4 recessed holes for the wine glasses.

Step 2: Time to Put It All Together!

* Start by measuring about 15" down each side of the inside of the crate. Square a line and attach 2 of the 8 block beneath this line with wood glue and appropriately sized staples.(staple from outside of pallet).

* Now attach 1 of the 2 pallet boards without the cutouts on top of these blocks with wood glue and appropriately sized staples. This will be your wine bottle shelf.

* On the front bottom edge of the wine bottle shelf you will attach 2 more of the 8 blocks with wood glue and appropriately sized staples.(horizontally across front bottom edge)

* Now take the remaining pallet board without cutout and line up the bottom edge of the pallet board with the bottom of the blocks you just installed with wood glue and appropriately sized staples.

* On the inside of the crate again measure down from the blocks under the shelf 2", Mark, glue and staple 2 more of the 4 remaining blocks.

* From there measure down the width of you've glass shelf you have notched. Mark, glue and staple again.

*Insert your glass rack between these 4 blocks you just glued on and staple through the bottom blocks to lock it in.

* Stain as desired.

***********Wha-La!!! You just finished an awesome wine rack/shelf.***********

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