Introduction: BEER CAPS BOWL

Hello everyone,

Are you tired of always buying Bowls that have the same Shape, Size and NO Uniqueness? If yes, now you have the opportunity to create your own unique BOWL OUT OF BEER CAPS

Have FUN and GOOD LUCK creating your Bowl !!!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this Instructable you will need a few Materials, which are very easy to get and are not very expensive to purchase.


You need:

  2. Plastic Bowl
  3. Glue
    1. Be attentive when choosing the Glue
      1. It should dry transparently and should be high quality so that
  4. Newspaper
  5. Foil


Attention: To make your Bowl very aesthetically pleasing, you can decide on your own color pattern and the shape can also vary. Furthermore, when you decide on the right glue be very attentive as, the Glue should be able to dry transparently. A normal glue stick is also just of limitation and it wont have the power to glue the BEER CAPS appropriately. Therefore, use a type of glue that is good to glue metal, cheap to buy and has very high quality, like the Tacky glue.

Step 2: Lay Out Newspaper on the Table

The second step is to lay out NEWSPAPER on the Table so that the glue does not get on the Table and the BEER CAPS Bowl can later be put away on a piece of Newspaper to dry.

Step 3: Place the Foil on Your Bowl

The Third Step is to place transparent Foil on your Bowl so you just have to gently rip it off, of the BEER CAPS and the Bowl. OF COURSE you can just glue the BEER CAPS on the pure bowl, but then the BEER CAPS might not stay in Form and may strongly stick to the Bowl, making it impossible to get them off.

It also depends on the side you choose to glue the caps on. If you choose the inside it will greatly stick to the bowl but with the spikes it might be not even possible to glue them on appropriately.

Step 4: Start Gluing the Beer Caps on the Balloon

The Fourth Step is to start Gluing the BEER CAPS on the Plastic Bowl. Beforehand, choose the colors and make sure the BEER CAPS are not damaged. You can choose the BEER CAPS in any color or combination that fits to you the best and that for you adds uniqueness. Furthermore, you can choose which side of the BEER CAPS you want to see later on.

I choose to glue the outside of the BEER CAPS on the Foil, so that the inside is smoother and it is easier to store things like Jewellery in.

Do not forget to also connect the BEER CAPS placed on the top, bottom or sides with glue. No worries it will dry transparently later. If you are not sure how this will look, just look to images on the top.

Step 5: Let the Glue Dry

It is essential to let the Glue Dry so if you take of the Foil, the Glue will be dry enough to keep the BEER CAPS in its Shape. The best Time to let the glue dry is 12 hours even if the directions on the glue say otherwise.

Step 6: Remove the Beer Caps From Bowl

Now if everything is dry, you can start to gently remove the fragile BEER CAPS with Foil from the Bowl. Be careful that you do not rip off half of the BEER CAPS otherwise you have to start again.

Step 7: Remove the Foil From the Beer Caps

The final step is to finally remove the foil from the BEER CAPS again very carefully as the glue is still on the BEER CAPS from the Inside. After this you can see how your wonderful product has turned out.

Then you can form and shape the bowl a little more until you are happy with it looks.

______________________________ ______________________ ________________ __________

Step 8: Let the Bowl Dry Again

As you can see in the Image above, after removing the foil, the inside is still white and the glue has not dryed, so before you can store anything in, let the BOWL dry.

Wait approximately 2-5 hours before storing anything in.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Product

I hope that this process has helped you to guide through the

steps and that you now have your own unique bowl that you can use

to store everything in.

Thank you!!!

Step 10: View Video