Introduction: BEETLE-BOT

If you don’t have enough money to buy a expensive robot or cute dogs and cats, why don’t make a robot yourself. Don’t throw away old things, you can recycle them to make a new interesting toys for your kids.

It may be weird a little bit but I hope you will like this BEETLE-BOT. >_<


(1x) motor

(1x) tiny screw

(1x) AA battery

(1x) Old toothbrush (cut and take a head that have the same length as motor size + battery when lie horizontally)

(1x) Hot glue gun

(1x) Plastic straw

(1x) screw

(2x) electric wire

Tape, scissor, ...


2.1. Create a rotor

Stick straw, screw with motor’s shaft

*Note: Screw and motor’s shaft have to deviate from each other

2.2. Use glue to stick motor and battery to the backside of toothbrush’s head

2.3 Draw out wire and connect each to one head of motor and battery

Step 3: For More Information, Check Out My Video. Hope You Will Make It !

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