Introduction: BEST Automotive Smoke Machine You Can Build

An automotive smoke Machine is one of the most useful diagnostic tools you can have. There's a wide variety of different machines, but I built one with the features that I wanted. I want to see visually how much smoke is building up inside the machine, That is why I used a glass jar for this visualization. Another feature is I want to have control over how much pressure I use and when I apply the smoke. Hope you find

the inuseful.

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need a glass jar with a lid, a Bic pen, a cheap soldering iron, vinyl hoe, and a bicycle pump.

Step 2: Assembly

Drill three holes in to the lid of the glass jar. Cut off a part of the back of the Bic pen. Then cut off the tip of the cap of the pen. Then put those pieces in to the two holes on either side. Now put the soldering iron in to the middle hole.

Step 3: Glue

We are going to use 5-minute epoxy to glue everything together. Put glue on both sides of the lid to ake sure you have an air tight seal.

Step 4:

Test fit the bike pump and the hose to make sure everything fits. Now put in a cotton sock instead of a expensive wick. Fill up the container with baby oil so there is about a half inch on the bottom and lets it soak overnight.

Step 5: Finished

Now go ahead and plug it in and wait until you cant see the soldering iron because of all the smoke. Then pump the bike pump and you should get a nice big puff of smoke!! :)

Don't forget to watch the video!! :)

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