Introduction: BFF Bands- Simple, Quick, Anyone Can Do It! Loomless Woven Bracelets

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This lovely bracelet is a great project for anyone, whether you know how to weave or not. You don't even need a loom! It's easy, it's quick and all you need to make this pretty bracelet is yarn and a few household items.

You will need:

6''  book or cardboard

ball of yarn



Step 1:

Cut off six 19'' peices of yarn from yarn ball.

Step 2:

Tightly tie each strand of yarn next to each other horizontaly onto the book, then align the knots. Cut off excess yarn off knots, then, make sure the strings are not overlaping.

Step 3:

Cut off two 2" peices of yarn from the yarn ball.

Step 4:

Use the two 2" pieces then tie together the yarn tightly under and on top of the knots. Cut off excess string from knot. Turn book around and spread out strands to ensure the yarn strands won't overlap.

Step 5:

Start at the bottom of the first string and tie a double knot on the bottom of the string. Unwind ball of yarn to about 7', cut off string and start to weave: Under the first one, over the next one, under again, and so on. When you come to the last strand loop under then start all over again and keep working your way up until you reach the end, which you then tie a double knot. Spread out as needed. Push down woven yarn if you don't want holes.

Step 6:

Adjust to wrist size by cutting in half the the big knot in the back of the woven part. Remember not to cut into woven area. Then wrap bracelet around wrist and tie a triple knot loose enough so you could stick two fingers between your wrist and the bracelet. Finished!

Be creative! Add your own colors, beads, and styles to the braclet ;)

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