Introduction: Bitcoin-like Crypto Running on Raspberry Pi

About: Author of the USOS operating system, Low cost cryptocurrency inspired on Satoshi Nakamoto. Please, participate along with me in making a distributed dev community around US cryptosystem.

Instructions for running a node.

The US-OS Operating System is made of raspbian running the us-cryptoplatform package.

You don't have to ask for permission to join.

Just follow these simple instructions and run a node earning cryptocurrency every minute,

with negligible cost in hardware, energy or bandwidth.

This instructions are quite old, please use the Tor-browser to access http://otheravu4v6pitvw.onion

and have the latest status of the project, FAQ and downloadable files.


An usual configuration is when you have:
* Internet Router with a *public* IP4 address (either static or dynamic).

* Raspberry PI 3B+ with at least 16GB of SDCard capacity.

* An Android mobile or tablet.

* A laptop with SDCard reader at hand for the initial setup.

Step 1: Set Up

In your laptop/computer:
download and install the Tor browser from

Use Tor to access this URL:


Step 2: Have USOS Operating System Downloaded

US-OS is an operating System for Raspberry Pi derived from raspbian, which is derived from debian.

US-OS comes with all the needed software configured.

Follow the node-setup instructions at:


Step 3: Record the SD Card

Use a program like Etcher

to Record USOS into the micro SDCard

Step 4: Assemble Pi and Connect to Router

Insert the SDCard with USOS Operating System into the raspberry PI.

Connect the raspberry pi to your home router using a (short) ethernet cable.

Power Up the raspberry pi.

Check your Router

UPNP shall be enabled. The node needs to program port forwarding for the following ports:





Step 5: Find Out the Local IP Address of Your Node

from windows use putty to login to the node using its LAN address port 16671