Introduction: BIG Buttons!

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Typically we have small buttons on our apparels. Buttons come in different shape, colors, designs and usage. This project is inspired to show how to decorate a room with BIG BUTTONS :-)

Step 1: Supplies

BIG BUTTONS need the following supplies

1. 3 colored card papers - A4 size

2. 3 buttons of actual size

3. Scissors

4. Ruler or measuring tape

5. Template for circles (any circular object of the size that fits your colored card papers)

6. Glue and Tape

7. Strings or Yarn for hanging

8. Thumbtack (3 numbers)

9. Pen/Pencil

10. Stencils to curve the small strips with circular edges (optional)

Step 2: Mark and Cut Circles

1. Take any circular template and mark a circle on the colored card paper(s)


Take any one of the colored papers and mark a circle with a diameter of 8 inches

2. Cut the circle with the help of scissors

Step 3: Mark the Center of the Circle

1. In this step mark the center of the circle using a scale and pen

Step 4: Cut Small Strips

1. Using the remaining portion on the card papers, cut a 2 inches X 1/2 inch strips with circular ends

Step 5: Glue Strips on the Circular Cards

1. Glue these Strips on the Circular Cards at the marked center in a cross-format

Step 6: Draw an Additional Circle and Add a Button

1. Draw an additional circle using another template or stencil as shown

2. Add the real button on the center of the cards as shown

Step 7: Add Strings

1. On the back side attached the strings using Glue or Tape

Step 8: Hang on the Wall

1. Hang the ready BIG BUTTONS on the wall as decor.

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