BIG Size Lego Bricks Made by 3D Printing




Introduction: BIG Size Lego Bricks Made by 3D Printing

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The more you make, the bigger you can build. Imagine how big you can build something with this.
I put neodymium magnet so it can attach under or on the other brick.

Step 1: Collect Material and Tools

Collect all the material and tools before starting the project. Find out the maximum printing dimension of your 3D printer.
- Pencil / pen
- Ruler
- Papers
- Marker
- Epoxy adhesive
- Loctite 406
- Paint spray
- Neodymium Magnets (coin diameter less than 15 mm / 16 ea)
- Adhesive tape
- Sand papers
- Mask
- Gloves
- Computer with AUTODESK Inventor (or any CAD software)
- 3D printer ( max printing 150 mm)

Step 2: Make the Design

Decide how big you will make your brick. My brick is 180 mm long, it has same length to red brick in Indonesia. Sketch the design using pencil or pen. Make two parts of the brick, upper and bottom part. Since the max printing is 150 mm, i divide every part into two same size. You may follow the drawing I made.

Step 3: Build the Upper Part With AUTODESK Inventor

Build the upper part with AUTODESK Inventor or any CAD software you have. Make the sketch based on your drawing and make the 3D model. After you finish them, save then export the files into .STL or .OBJ file (depends on your 3D printer.
You can learn how to use AUTODESK Inventor here

Step 4: Print Using 3D Printer

Print the files using 3D printer. Clean excessive face using sand papers.

Step 5: Mark the Magnet Poles

Mark the magnets poles using marker and seperate them based on the poles they face up.

Step 6: Attach the Magnets

Put adhesive tape on the top of pencil. Put loctite and place the magnets on every parts. See the pictures where you need to place the magnets. Make sure magnets poles face same direction on every same parts (dot mark on upper parts, X mark on bottom parts).

Step 7: Assemble All the Parts

Mix the epoxy adhesive and the epoxy hardener. Clean and assemble all the parts using mixed epoxy adhesive.

Step 8: Colour the Brick

Wear mask before start colouring the brick. Spray the brick carefully. Let it dry for 1-2 hours.

Step 9: First Brick Done! Make More Bricks!

TADAAA!!! You have your first own brick. Follow step 1 to 8 to make other bricks. Colour the bricks with different colour.

Step 10: Build Your Own BIG Idea!

Build your BIG own idea with your BIG bricks. You can make castles, furniture, and many thing else!
I hope you can share to me what you have built.


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    3 years ago

    Lego pieces have round studs...


    3 years ago

    Clever idea, and nicely done.