Introduction: BIGFOOT Robot

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So I give you The Bigfoot. BIGFOOT stands for Ballistically Improvised Ground Field Operated Omni-purpose Tank (Duh!). If you like to read more about BIGFOOT project, please follow this LINK to my website and feel free to discuss any questions you have here or on my page thread. 
Bigfoot is a robotic platform I have been building/researching on recently. The idea is to have a modular track drive platform in which a user can attach different modules for different purposes. For instances, the robot can be equipped with firearms and guidance systems to compliment the "Robotification" of the army. The ground based robotic soldiers such as MAARS are gaining in numbers and popularity. I believe the future wars will be fought by remotely controlled machines during its first phase. Interestingly, did you know that 1 in every 50 troop deployed in Afghanistan is a robot? It can be equipped to serve as a weaponized killer, mobility platform for troops, bomb diffusing, surveillance, and portable rescue vehicle. Another immediate feature would be to replace the weaponry and equip it with a skateboard deck with dynamic balance control to convert the platform as an all terrain personal mobility system for ummm...... civilian joy ride. The potential are vast and I hope to expand its features to make it a Swiss-knife of tracked robots.

As always, there is a little twisty road on how I came about building the bot. The design was inspired by the tracked robot builder community.