Introduction: BITHeart

this is my second project with arduino.

its a BITheart

Step 1: 1-

i start to to explore the sensor.

See how connect him to my arduino, and search for libraries to program him .

Step 2: 2

then i found in a heart model in thingiverse and print heart in flex filament (TPU)

Step 3: 3

thirth i needed to found a servo to could move like heart (anything like 180 bpm).

i found servo, her movement is 90º in 0.24 seconds.

Step 4: 4

i need to put my servo and the other thinks in hearth so i need to draw a servo support and Arrange the pieces to fit in the heart.

Step 5: 5

i atach my servo to heart and instal one blink on arduino nano to see what was the effect on the heart.

Step 6: 6

it was okay. i start to put the servo in the suport in heart