It is a black line follower robot with Ir sensors and micro-controller 8051. Its a cost effective model and has perfect output in almost all terrains.

The Line Following robot is one that detects a black path
over a white surface and vice versa and runs through it. It works on the
reflection property of light. When infrared light falls on a white surface, it
gets reflected almost fully. On the other hand. When it falls on the black or
dark surface, it gets absorbed to a great extent. The amount of reflected light
will be very less.

The circuit explaining a line tracking robot has got two
sensors for the detection of the boundary of the two regions, which in turn
stimulates the motor on and off thereby track the path by directing it to left
or right.

The reason why to build a line follower is that, sensing a
line and maneuvering the robot to stay on course, while continuously correcting
wrong moves using feedback mechanisms forms a simple yet effective closed loop

The controller used here is the micro-controller 8051 and it is programmed in assembly language.

The motor driver IC L293D is used for driving the two motors used.

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