Introduction: BLADELESS FAN

Have you ever heard about the bladness fan? I just saw it on youtube and wow, amazing !

I thought: "We have to make it, team !"

You are imagining about complicated fan, aren't you ?

No it is actually a simple and cheap one. Sound great right ! But just for crafts, it's really expensive when you buy at shop.

More beautiful is that the materials to make this fan is reusable and recyclable.

Let's watch our tutorials video and text below XD.

One more thing is that, I want to apology about these last videos, about my bad English, my way to make you understand maybe not good enough because English is not my mother tounge. So I hope this instructable will be understandable one. If it has any mistake inbox me :D

Step 1: Materials

- Big Cardboard (thin and hardly steady)

- Computer's fan (12V)

- Wood board (thick: 1cm, size: 10x15 cm rectangular)

- Hot glue

- Scissors, utility knife, ruler

Step 2: Cut the Cardboard

3 rectangular fragments: 15 x n (n= fan's size)

1 rectangular fragment : 10 x n (for absorbing air)

Use hot glue, stick these fragments to 4 sides of fan Stick them to wood board

Step 3:

Cut the cardboard into 6 square fragments : 11x11 cm

Cut 3 square fragments into 3 square bolders

(1st) depth = 1 cm size =9x9

(2nd) depth = 1.5cm size =8x8

(3rd) depth = 2 cm size =7x7

Step 4:

Stick (3rd) bolder to the fan's body, stick 3 square fragments size 11x11 onto (3rd)
Cut the cardboard into 4 rectangular fragments size 9x9.5 and stick them to (1st)

Cut the cardboard into 4 rectangular fragments size 2.5x8 and stick them to (2nd)

Fit (2nd) set to the back

(1st) set to the front

Use hot glue to make the fan air tight

Step 5: Power on and Enjoy Your Wind

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    So actually it is not a blade-less fan,it is just redirected air flow.Still pretty cool.And as far as your use of the English language,well you do a hell of a lot better than many who use it every day.Good job and keep it up!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Not blade-less, but this Dysons fault as they call theirs blade-less when it uses the same principle! Well done on a recyclable version.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks a lot, you inspire me so much XD


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Log in and Vote for me. Thank u so much for supporting


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Vote for him guys, this is impressive recyclable invention


    This is a novel approach to reusing a fan, I like it. Don't worry about your translations, Instructables is supposed to be a cosmopolitan internet community that embraces varied ideas without criticism of nationality.