Introduction: BLIZZARDS Diablo "Witch Doctor"

YES!!! So glad to be back on this page witting this to you guys. Here is my Costume that I made for this years Halloween Hope you guys enjoy this took me many nights and days to complete. Must say im very excited in the detail that I accomplished on this cosplay. If your feeling sick from all the candy call the DOCTOR!!!!

Step 1: Head Piece!!!

So As you can see I saved the hassle of having like 18 steps on this project by stitching the images together for your pleasure. The first image to the left is my backbone to the whole mask. I started my buying a cheap plastic mask. the ones everyone puts on an get a laugh out of an put back o the shelf lol. Ok back to the mask, attached to the plastic mask is a paper towel role with a wired clothes hanger through it to make the long horns, two cardboard nub horns and a added forehead piece, and sideburn armor. Everything is taped to hold it in place. the next image (top right) is the back bone covered in Great Stuff It is a spray insulation foam from the hardware store. Once i covered the mask with foam i let dry for a hole day. once it was dry i started to carve the foam to take shape of the face and horns. once i was was done the carving I painted the make with spray paint and acrylics...

Step 2: Klick It or Ticket (BELT)

My belt was kind of tricky  i started with a cardboard backbone, cut it to shape sprayed the same foam on the face then started carving a skull in the center. once i was done i took the extra shavings of the foam and made squares for the part that goes across the waist. painted the skull then stated to cover the cardboard in different fabrics mostly hot glued on. added beads to the fabric as a final detail. I always draw the shape i want the skull to be with a marker first then start to cut and carve 

Step 3: Trinkets Odds and Ends That Sort of Thing

I had to go a little over the top this small details to make the outfit come together. Fist my ear Plugs and the bone piercing these items were made of modeling clay oven baked then painted with acrylic.  The Neck piece was make ot of some rope i had lying around and the pendent with the string was a piece of a curtain i found at the hoppy store on clearance I knew it would make a good addition. the manna and the health potions were so necessary the my costume just plastic bottles I fount at the store filled with food coloring and water. tied up with torn cloth and added skulls from old mardi gras beads. the leafs were found in the garden taped together an added to the belt.

Step 4: Ankle Braces

First i started with card stock paper rolled in cylinders. sprayed the foam in the centers them carved the foam into a bone like shape. With some cardboard i fitted it to my leg them cut it to fit then laced it with some nylon string. once i was done i covered the cardboard with fabric to make it all fancy!!! painted the tips of the bones and actually came out pretty good.


I made that word up ^... Ok the staff started with a really nice piece of bamboo. keep in mind bamboo is some tough stuff. The skull you see here were like 67 cents at the store i made to buy them to good of a find. i painted them first  stuck bamboo through them then into the big pice of bamboo, adding beads and feathers and also LEDS in the skulls for nice effects, bamboo leaves in the top then fabric to the middle with added beads an other Trinkets dressed up well. 

Step 6: Finishing Touch

this skull was made as extra armor for the shoulder. and the piece below was made fro my wrist to make it a little more full. painted my entire body purple and did some tribal like face paint. all using acrylic paints.


I hope you loved this costume, it took a lot of time an i was really happy to make it an share with the world thanks instructables!!!


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