Introduction: BLM: Minneapolis Aftermath

This scene was inspired by the Black Lives Matter that has been occurring. A liquor store was burned down in Minneapolis during the protest that had turned into a riot that lead to the destruction of a majority of the city. The next day the aftermath of the riots had been visible and this store had been left completely hollow, only being sustained by the walls around it. I took the building and turned it into a scene that would be possible for people to go into and get a slight glimpse of what had occurred during this time. This scene and the words all around symbolize the movement and the reasoning behind the actions being taken by people of color.

To start creating this scene all that is needed is Tinkercad and some patience. If completely focused this should take approximately an hour or slightly more to complete.

Step 1: Create the Base

  • Go to the sidebar and select basic tools and shapes
  • Select round roof
  • Rotate until the curve is facing the front
  • Size to your preference or slightly smaller than the work plane

Step 2: Make a Hole in the Main Shape

  • Duplicate the main shape
  • Paste and align it to the original
  • Shrink the sides and the front until it can make a reasonable hole in the middle
  • Makes sure to select the shape you are using to cut through as a hole and the original shape as a solid
  • Select the 2 and group
  • You should see how the shape has been cut through and if adjusting is needed then undo and fix sizing

Step 3: Create the Back

  • Raise the entire shape up to a reasonable height: not too high and not too low
    • Remember you need space for the outer walls
  • Make the main shape slightly thicker
  • Make a box the length and width of the back of the main shape
  • Raise the height all the way to the top
  • Duplicate the box
  • Cut out the back
  • Paste the box exactly where it was and make it a solid
  • Make sure to align both shapes

Step 4: Create the Walls on the Side

  • Duplicate the main shape and move it outwards
  • Create a box to cut out the front of the shape: a little more than halfway
  • Drag the walls back and lower them until they touch the work plane
  • Position the walls by adjusting the height and moving them slightly forward
  • Fix the width and bring walls slightly closer to the center until they are visible from the top view but still touching the main shape

Step 5: Create Opening on Outer Walls

  • Create a box on one side
  • Adjust it so that it will split the wall into 2 equal parts
  • Duplicate the box and drag it over to the other side
  • Select all 3 shapes and create the openings

Step 6: Create Columns at the Front

  • Select the cylinder from the basic shapes and tools bar
  • Adjust the length, width, and height so that it looks like a small column
  • Align it to the top shape
    • Easier to align from the bottom view
  • Duplicate the column and repeat the process for the other 3

Step 7: Make the Top of the Building

  • Duplicate the top shape and drag it out to the side
  • Adjust the length of the shape
  • Drag it back into the main image
  • Raise the shape so that it sits on top and align it
  • Fix the length, width, and position as needed until it looks like the picture above

Step 8: Create Opening on Sides of the Main Shape

  • Select the round roof shape
  • Move towards the back and raise until it's in between the top and bottom of the main shape
  • Adjust the height and the width so that it stretches out and becomes slightly thinner
    • Make sure to create this as a hole
  • Duplicate the shape and repeat the process all around
    • Rotate when necessary on the curves
  • There are 13 openings in total
  • Select the shape you want to cut through and all 13 of the holes
  • Group them together and the openings will be created

Step 9: Add Phrase to the Top

  • Select the whole and image and click on the lock all the way to the right so that you don't accidentally move the image while adding the phrase
  • Go to Text and Number's and select the letters needed to spell out Minneapolis
    • Select one by one
    • Leave a space between Minne and Apolis
  • Align them and make sure to not change the size
  • Group all the letters and rotate the word so that it faces the front
  • Drag it over to the left side of the top shape and make sure to raise the word so that it is at the same level as the top shape
  • Rotate it slightly to the side as if trying to wrap the word around the top shape
    • Adjust the height and width so that it fits
    • Make sure part of the word is touching the shape
  • Ungroup the word however regroup Apolis and move it out of the way
  • Start rotating and adjusting the letters in Minnie in order to fit around the left side
    • Do not make the words too big or you will not have enough space for the next process
  • Repeat this same process for Apolis on the right side
  • There should be enough space in between in order to insert the next phrase
  • Create the abbreviation BLM and add 2 I's to the sides to create the separations
  • Repeat the same process that was done for the word Minneapolis
    • Make sure to ungroup the I's and BLM in order to adjust the sizing
  • Fix the height of the I's until they no longer look like letters but more like dividers
  • It is important to make sure that all the letters are touching the wall
  • Once all the letters and words are adjusted group the entire top shape and words besides BLM
  • After that group BLM and set it to a different color as the main image

Step 10: Phrase on Back Wall

  • Similar to the last step: create all the phrases that are going to be needed for the rest of the building
  • Group: I Cant Breathe
  • Group: Black Lives Matter
  • Group: Fight Against Inequality 2020
    • As seen in the picture above
  • Start off with Black Lives Matter and rotate it so that the phrase is facing the back
  • Drag over to the back of the building and try to center it
  • Select I Cant Breathe and repeat a similar process as before
  • However, shrink the phrase to fit on the left side of Black Lives Matter as seen above
  • Duplicate I Cant Breathe and move it over to the right side
  • Select Fight Against Inequality 2020 and repeat the steps done for the last 2 phrases
  • Shrink down and move all the way to the left bottom side
  • Make sure all phrases are moved back so they are touching the wall

Step 11: Phrase on Back Wall Facing the Front

  • From the remaining words group Color Is Not A Crime and repeat the process that was done for Black Lives Matter on the back wall
  • However make sure to rotate the phrase so that it is facing the front

Step 12: Phrase on Outer Walls on the Inside

  • From the remaining words
    • Group: George
    • Group: Floyds
    • Group: Life
    • Group: Mattered
  • Take George and rotate it to the side so that it is facing the right side
  • Rotate it against the y-axis so that it is standing up
  • Move towards the left wall closest to the back and adjust it against the strip of the wall so that the word covers a majority of the space
  • Make sure the word is touching the wall
  • Repeat this process on the strip of wall next to George for Floyds
  • Make sure to rotate wherever necessary on the small curves of the wall
  • Repeat this process for both Life and Mattered
  • Makes sure these 2 are facing the left side

Step 13: Phrase on Outer Walls on the Outside

  • With the remaining words
    • Group: both No's separately
    • Group: Justice
    • Group: Peace
  • Repeat the process done on the last step
  • However now the words will be on the outer walls
  • Do not stretch out the No's too much or they will look too mushed together
  • It is better to just center them on the strip of wall as seen above

Step 14: Final

  • You are finally done
  • Zoom out and look at what you have created
    • A store that had been burned down during the riots in Minneapolis representing the injustice committed against George Floyd's life
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