BLUETOOTH (Mobile) Triggered Camera

Introduction: BLUETOOTH (Mobile) Triggered Camera

After seeing all the new cameras which trigger automatically, or smile shot, Bluetooth controlled and lot more, I decided to give a little some of this to our old film cameras. And one of the problem with the analog cameras is that the time trigger is not digital and you may not make it to the scene when the camera triggers. So I started working on a way to trigger it while your in a seen at the right time. So with the help of an arduino I made a Bluetooth triggered camera that can be triggered by any common mobile phone. All you have to do is type in 'c' in the mobile and the camera triggers.

Step 1: PARTS

Now lets begin with collecting parts. The list is pretty simple and easy to find, all you need is 
3)Bluetooth module

Step 2: Trigger

First lets start with placing the servo in a position to trigger the camera, my camera is fully analog with no electrical switch to trigger it so I used a servo to click the trigger . You may need wire connectors or you can go with hot glue to stick the servo on to the camera. By default I have set the servo to trigger the camera at 105*, but if your servo doesn't  click the trigger the change this value in the arduino codes
Change the 105 to any higher value like 120.Connect the servo to the arduino. By default the servo is attached to digital pin 10. After you have done this its is time to connect the servo to arduino board. The servo has 3 wires the red goes to arduino 5v
, black to ground and orange or yellow is the signal pin and goes to digital pin 10.

Step 3: CODE

Time to upload your code make sure that the Bluetooth module isn't connect to the arduino board, or the code wont upload to the board. Download the code from the attachment and upload it to your board. Now when that's done its time to set up the Bluetooth serial connection. 

Step 4: Bluetooth Connection

Now its time to connect the camera to the mobile phone through Bluetooth. I have used HC05 Bluetooth module which is cheap and easy to find on eBay . Connect the Bluetooth module to the arduino board and pair your module with your mobile. The pair key will either be 0000 or 1234 . Once you have paired your mobile download a terminal emulator and click "C" . The servo moves and FLASH you have completed you project.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Does this also work with (jailbroken?) iPhones? And would that bluetooth board work with all other bluetooth devices?