Introduction: BLUEtooth Night Lamp

This project was originally from Kopunec Development Link:

This project is a Bluetooth Night Lamp where you can control it from your phone

I changed his project's code and changed his project into a night lamp, his project was originally for the UNO board, I changed it to we can use it with the Leonardo board.

Step 1: Parts and Components

We'll need these parts:

  • 1x Arduino Board (I will be using Arduino UNO)
  • 1x Bluetooth Module HC-06 or HC-051
  • 1x Led of any color (I used blue 5mm)
  • 1x 220Ω Resistor
  • Breadboard and jumpers
  • (Optional) 9V Battery
  • Cotton

Step 2: Connections and Schematic

I changed how he connect the HC-06 to the board because from what I researched, I found out with his way of connecting the HC-06 it'll overload.

If the picture in anyway is unclear, feel free to contact me, I gladly help you

Step 3: Arduino Code and Serial Communication

Upload the code with USB cable

The code before was made for the UNO board, I changed his code where we can use it on the Leonardo Board.

We won't need to disconnect the HC-06, we can just upload the code

Code Link:

Shout out again to Kopunec Development for inspiring me to make this project, and without his project or code I'll probably never made it this good

Step 4: Cover Your Components With Cotton

Now you should cover your components with cotton, so your light won't be to bright and it'll also make the project more stylistic.

This is how I did it

  1. Cover the whole thing with cotton
  2. Stick it from below
  3. Open the light

It should look pretty

Step 5: Connect Arduino to Android Device

Now you should be finish uploading the code and now you need to download the app.


  1. Open the app, slide through the intro, hit SEARCH button and search for nearby devices
  2. When your device is found, select it by clicking on it (It should be HC-06)
  3. Select preferred theme (dark or light) and hold the button you selected
  4. Wait for the connection, if it fails, try to reconnect
  5. After successful connection, tap on the big led in the first tab (led) and check the LED connected to your Arduino if it blinks


Thanks for watching my project, hopefully you'll do one yourself

Extreme shout out to Kopunec Development:

Without him this would be impossible, go support him.