Introduction: BMW 3 Series E46 Blinker Light Change

This Is how you change the front blinker on your BMW 3 series E46 M3 car 2000-2005. You see in the picture the side blinker is on but the blinker by the headlight is off. Another way to tell if your light isn't working is if you signal to the one side and it blinks extra fast. You will need a light bulb and a long Philips screw driver. If you go to your local auto part store they may show you what bulb your car will need.

Step 1: First Open the Hood

The leaver for the hood is right under the trunk button. Pull it all the way then go to the front of the car. Then pull the lever that pops out up to unlock the hood. (Don't lift the hood with the lever you will bend the latch and it will pop out when the hood ids closed) After that lift the hood from the bottom of the hood to open it.

Step 2: Next, Taking Out the Light Housing

Go to the light that is not working or want to change out. Find the hole on the fender by the light. Stick the Philips screw driver in the hole and loosen the screw till the light is loose until light can be popped out. Don"t loosen all the way because you don't want the bolt to fall out.

Step 3: Detaching the Light From the Car

There is a plug you have to undo to take the light out. You have to have to pinch the female end so the clip comes off the light socket.

Step 4: Taking the Light Socket Out of the Housing

Since this is a German car there is German word on it. On the Black part of the light there are two words ''zu'' and ''auf.'' you can assume the one mean off or on, tighten or loosen. Now you light socket should be be in the "zu" position so you need to turn it to the "auf" position. After that you pull the light socket out. Now you are left with light socket and the bulb.

Step 5: Changing the Bulb

Next you need to grab the bulb with one hand and the light socket with the other and turn the bulb left and pull it out. After that put the replacement bulb in and turn it right to tighten it.

Step 6: Putting It Back Together

Do everything in this instructions again but backwards. Check your light work and doesn't blink extra fast. If everything works then you did it right.