Introduction: BMW EGR Valve Delete EGR Cooler Delete Kit Instructions Install Guide

When removing the EGR valve using one of our EGR delete kits this leaves the EGR cooler and thermostat redundant. It is no longer required and this kit allows you to completely remove this component.

Our kit allows you to retain the coolant bleeding function of the EGR thermostat. One of our blanks features a unique design bleed screw which can be used to bleed the coolant, retaining this important function. All parts are CNC machined from billet aluminium then anodised.

Step 1: The EGR Cooler

After deleting the EGR valve using on of our kits these two connections shown here are redundant as the pipes to the exhaust manifold and intake manifold are deleted. Using our kit here you can fully remove the EGR cooler which is now redundant.

Step 2: Blank EGR Cooler Thermostat Pipe

Loosen hose clamp on the pipe to the EGR cooler thermostat and loosen hose.

Insert our blank into hose ensuring the bleed screw is tightened.

Tighten the hose clamp to secure our blank.

Periodically check the bleed screw tightness.

Step 3: Blank Lower Hose

Loosen hose clamp on the lower hose and release hose.
Insert our blank into hose.
Tighten the hose clamp to secure our blank.

Step 4: Remove EGR Cooler

This completes the blanking and the EGR Cooler can be removed from the vehicle.

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