Introduction: BMW F800 Orange Headlight Cover

This cover provides a great ORANGE tint, but it does not provide that much protection against stone chipping.

It took me about 15 minutes to do and it cost +/- 1.2% of the price of the proper product.

The proper BMW Motorrad cover was just simply too expensive and the best aftermarket one I could find, was also pretty expensive and it did not fit properly.

So to reiterate, this is to achieve the desired orange light for visibility, but not so much effective as protector against stone chipping.


Materials: Plastic file binder, A4 paper.

Tools: Scissors, White board marker.

Step 1: Visit the Stationary Isle

This involves some luck and perseverance.

I found this at the fourth store.

It is extremely inexpensive, but the plastic is tough and durable, but most importantly it is transparent orange.

Step 2: Stencil

Make a paper stencil, by holding the A4 paper against the headlight, then with your thumb press hard against the light frame borders to create an embossed indentation.

Cut out the paper shape, it does not have to be perfect.

Trace the paper stencil onto your plastic and DON'T yet cut the plastic.

My plastic was a bit too transparent, so I cut two covers and overlapped them and together they were dark enough for a good effect.

Step 3: Cut It 5mm Wider

It is NB to note that you don't want the plastic to just fit into the light frame, but you want it to slide in behind the frame.

Or in other words, note my white board marker line and note that I cut the end product a fraction bigger than the exact inner measurements of the frame.

You can now remove the white board marker by wiping it off.

Step 4: Slip It In

No need to use glue, or any tools.

Just your hands would do.

On the side of the headlight frame, use your finger to pop the catch loose.

Don't remove the whole thing, just pop this one clip.

You can see here how I experimented with the two plastic sheets, eventually deciding to slide both into place in order to give a darker orange glow. If you are lucky, then maybe your darker file binder will only require one sheet.

Step 5: Jiggle It

It was a strangely satisfying event, when my fiddling got it to pop in behind the headlight frame :)

Just use your fingers to slide and fit it behind the frame.

Once done, then clip the catch back.

Step 6: Done

What is nice about this is that I can easily remove it in about 30 seconds.

I have driven around with this now for a month.

It has not yet moved a fraction.

The photo with the light on does not properly do it justice, it was tough to photograph such a bright thing at close range via my phone.