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Introduction: BMW INPA E60 Coding/Diagnose Guide

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In this article,I will collect some cases about BMW INPA working case on BMW E60,and if you have other BMW INPA E60 case want to share with peoples,please sent to my e-mail.I will put it here to share it.

Step 1: Preparation

BMW INPA 6.4.3 Software Free Download

BMW INPA Reset BMW E60 Airbag Waring Light

How to Reset & Relearn E60 BMW Automatic Transmission with INPA

BMW E60 Coding by INPA and NCS Expert Cable

BMW INPA Reset BMW E60 Airbag Waring Light:
For BMW E60 owner,the airbag warning light will light on after the valve has been replaced with the HID bobbles.So you need to reset the airbag warning light. This time, I reset the airbag warning with INPA software A simple method is described. E60, but I think it can be applied to various kinds of vehicles such as BMW E90, E65, E70, R56.

Step 2: Read and Clear Error Massage

Start up INPA and click on Functional jobs

Select vehicle F1 (E60)

Press F4 Error

Press F1 Read EM (call up the error memory)If you press F2 Clear EM (clear the error message)

A warning can be reset.
* You can reset all other modules, not just the A / B module. If you have other errors at the time of call, it is better to check it

Step 3: How to Reset & Relearn E60 BMW Automatic Transmission With INPA

BWM E60 automatic transmission reset and relearn by using BMW INPA K+DCAN cable.

It is a reset method of learning function. Especially when there is something wrong with a large displacement car There seems to be improvement in some cases. (Physical breakdown is excluded)

Launch INPA and select GS 19

Select F6

Reset complete with F3

Step 4: BMW E60 Coding by INPA and NCS Expert Cable:

This part talk on how to use BMW INPA NCS Expert cable to coding for BMW E60

BMW NCS Expert Download

Use the BMW INPA K+DCAN Cable to connect car with laptop via the BMW E60 OBD2 port. Open BMW NCS Expert Coding software. Click “File” then choose “Load File”.

Select “Default Profile” and click “OK”.

Press the F1 button “VIN/ZCS/FA”

Then press the F3 button “ZCS/FA f.ECU” and select BMW chassis “E60”.


It will show BMW E60 car VIN number, check it then press F6 button to back.

Check if it show “get coded” then press F3 button “Process car” and F4 button “Process ECU”.

Now just select the ECU control unit you want to do coding.
For example, BMW E60 6BMOT, click “OK” to continue.

It will show the selected ECU information, click “OK”.
Check if it show the selected ECU +”get coded” then press the F3 button “Execute job”.

And wait it complete, it will show “Coding ended”.
BMW Coding by NCS Expert and $13.99 INPA K+DCAN USB Interface done!

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