Introduction: BO2 Zombies Origins Ice/Fire Staffs

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There are four staffs in the map origins but the two best staffs are the ice and fire staff. These two will get you out of a jam by freezing or setting the zombie on fire either way you are unstoppable. Their are three pieces to each staff and a musical disk for each one. I am going to give you a step by step guild to easily build each one and survive the none stop waves of zombies.

Step 1: Shovel to Dig for Parts

    In the starting room their is a shovel against the wall. Pick it up. You will need this to dig up graves around the map.

Step 2: Finding Ice Staff Parts

The only way to find the parts is to dig up graves with the shovel you collected. When you dig up a grave a part will appear so grab it. Note that the part pieces can only be dug up when it is snowing.

Step 3: Finding the Ice Staff Disk

The disk is blue and is in the room on the right of generator 2. It is usually on the table when you first enter or the table next to the spot where the box spawns or on the shelf in the back.

Step 4: Normal Gamaphone/Song

Before you go to the tunnel get the normal song and gamaphone that is in the excavation site outside by the steps and at the bottom of the evacation site respectivly.

Step 5: Getting the Ice Stone

Once you have all three parts and the song head to the ice tunnel. It is in the back of the church in front of generator 6. Play the crazy place song on the work bench at the bottom of the cave. In the crazy place(where the portal leads to) pick up the stone at the ice stand and leave. Note since building the ice and fire staff has the same last step I will do them both at the end...

Step 6: First Part for Fire Staff

It can be found by shooting down a red baron plane that is flying around in the sky. Once you have shot the plane down the part will be shoot next to you.

Step 7: Second Fire Staff Part

To get this part you have to kill a robot zombie that comes around sometimes. You only have to kill him once to get the part piece.

Step 8: Third Fire Staff Part

You get this by turning on the generator at the back of the church(generator 6). Once it is on the box next to it will have a part in it.

Step 9: Fire Staff Disk

This in the back of the church usually on one of the pews on fire but it can also be on the boxes next to generator 6.

Step 10: Fire Staff Stone

Go back to the crazy place but this time go in through the fire tunnel by the room where you started the game. Use the gramophone to open the portal and get the fire stone on the fire stand.

Step 11: Building the Ice/Fire Staffs

Go to the excavation site in the middle of the map. Go to the bottom and use the gramophone to open the staircase up. Follow to the very bottom look for the stand for the ice construct it. Then do the same for the fire stand.Those are all the steps to building the two best staffs of origins. I hope this was helpful in your guest in killing more zombies.