Introduction: B.O.B.

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This is another one of my kits, and it measures about 5" in length.

Step 1: The Insides

I used a piece of aluminum foil at least 2 x 2, a fishing hook, a sinker, a metal BB (not your average sized .177) (You can make a sling out of all the paracord in a survival situation), cotton string as tinder, 2 matches w/ striker, a razor blade with a flattened and reinforced edge to use as something to pry with and, 6' of camo paracord.

Step 2: Prepping

Fold the foil to a small rectangle. Find the center of the paracord and make one of the lines longer about 2 foot so you can make the "Monkey's Fist".

Step 3: The Monkey's Fist

Use the metal BB for the "Brain" of B.O.B. (Just where you put the metal BB), place it between you fingers and have your new center of the line where my finger is on the second picture, and wrap it around three times. Place the string around your finger to hold it on picture three. Wrap it around the metal BB shown on picture five and six. Slide your fingers out like picture six and seven. Wrap it cord thru the hole like picture nine. Once you are finished, you will want to tighten it to make it look good. so take the end with the longest amount and push a *little* thru, because the amount that is loose, will make it five times longer. Do that a couple of times until it looks like picture eight. Make sure when the monkey's fist looks good, have thew same amount of cord with each side.

Step 4: The Legs

Make the body *THREE* inches long (Or it will look REALLY bad), make two loops for the legs, and put the sinker in one side and the striker and hook in the other. Wrap the paracord around them and slip it thru the top like picture six. With the leg with the hook and striker (because it looks the worst) wrap the cotton twine around it. Cut and singe the extra and fuse them together.

Step 5: The Body

Use the fused cords and braid the other items into the body. Now you have a dollish thing to survive with!

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