Introduction: BOO!

Want to make an amazing skelton coming out of a pumpkin? Well all you need to do is follow this short steps to learn what to do!

Step 1: Step 1

First, you need to go on a computer and go on the sight Tinkercad. When you arrive there you will sign up and you will put in your username and password. Once that is done you will click new project. When you arrive on the project you will click the drop-down menu that says basic shapes and click skeleton.

Step 2: Step 2

Then you will start assembling your skeleton. The pieces go in order so you slowly piece together your skeleton. Make the legs in a sitting position by clicking the piece and using that arrows that pop up. After your skeleton is done you need to begin the pumpkin. You will click the drop-down menu again and click basic shapes. You will then click the shape titled Paraboloid. (you may need to scroll down). You will use the little boxes that pop up when you click the shape to make it into a disc-like shape. Then once again you will use the arrows to make it at an angle that will make it look like a pumpkin.

Step 3: Step 3

After the first one is down you will click the copy button and make another. This time you will rotate it a little to make it a little more curved. After the whole pumpkin is made (it should be made around the skeleton) You will see the skeleton looks like it is stuff in the pumpkin. You will then use another paraboloid to make it about the size of the skeleton's head. Then you will drag the sketch shape to the grid. You will then draw your own stem. You will use the little black dollop to drag it on top of the paraboloid that you made for the hat. Finally you will click the screen and drag a bow around the two. You will then use the black dollop to put it on top of the skeleton.

Step 4: Step 4

Finally, you will drag the sketch button back on the screen where you will draw a jack-o-lantern mouth and eyes. Then using the arrows make it stand straight up. Then, you will use the black dollop to make it higher than attach it to the face. Finally, you will click each shape and change it into the color of your choice. I hope you enjoy making a skeleton in a pumpkin!! (It is hard keeping trying eventually you can do it. NEVER GIVE UP!! ¨You miss 100% of the shots you don´t take¨-Wayne Gretzky)

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