Introduction: BOOK Shelf

The dimension: Width 30 x Length 150 x Height 155 centimeters.

Hello, In this project, I will make book shelf. The material will be metal structure and laminate parawood shelf. The different is the metal structure for the legs on each side itself, connect to the parawood board that will be the shelf itself. It looks smooth and go together well. Let’s begin.

Supplies that you need to do BOOK Shelf’s project.

1. Steel square tube 1x1 inch, equal angles 1 inch, laminate parawood or any plywood that has thickness 1 inch.

2. Spot welding machine.

3. Screw ¾ inch.

4. Spray paints (Any colors that you want) sand paper, finishing oil.

Step 1: Cut Metal and Spot Welding

Prepare to cut the steel square tube to the size length at 155 cm x 2 pieces, 125 cm x 1 piece, 25 cm x 10 pieces, 30 cm x 2 piece, now I spot welding them. For the length of the shelf is about 30 centimeters apart to spot welding the 25 cm square tube to the 155 cm will be use for the leg. For the other leg will use 125 cm square tube and spot welding together and then use the 30 cm square tube to make the angle and spot welding to the end of the 125 cm tube. (Note: before start working I arrange and lay out all the pieces before, there for 1:1 drawing will help a lot, in order to work out the angle of the leg.) Now I cut the equal angle at length 40 cm x 10 pieces, and spot welding 5 on each side, that opposite to each other as the picture shown. I do the same thing to make another side for the leg. For the structure should be finish.

Step 2: Cut Parawood and Assembly.

Next I cut the parpwood to the length of 150 cm x 5 pieces the thickness is 1 inch. I use the router make the grove to the parawood on 2 sides. The length will be 40 cm. same length of the equal angle. In order to fit the equal angle, so it need to be perfect (Make sure that the metal frame equal angle 1 inch are the same length as the groove in paraboard). When I make the grove be sure to look at the metal frame as well, because the equal angle is on the opposite side. Then I spray paint yellow to the metal frame, maybe 3 coat of paint, and let it dry.

Now I assembly the frame to the parawood shelf by using the screw (I drill each side with 4 screws, if you want more screws, that ok). Then try to put books and other stuffs on the book shelf. It works and looks cool.


Special Thanks to: Mr. Noom, Mr. O, Mr. Sakorn

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