This up-cycle was part of a college project(Medicine Hat College) for an non government organization called Habitat for Humanity. We were supposed to up-cycle any product from Habitat for humanity restore and increase its value. We were given $20 worth of store credit and free pallet from the store. So me(Jaswinder) and my partner Manpreet decided to make a bottle and glass shelf from a pallet.


We broke the pallet into individual pieces by using a pallet buster. After disassembling we chose the pieces we were going to use and took out the nails from them and after that we started cutting them into required sizes if needed using saw. After having all the pieces we started sanding them with a sander to give wood a smooth finish.

Step 2: HOLES

We needed six holes on the piece at the bottom of the shelf to hang glasses upside-down. So we used drill to make a circular hole in the wooden piece and later used reciprocating saw to cut the piece out.


After we had all the pieces with there required sizes we started painting them. For painting we started with a coat of pre-stain. After putting the pre-stain we wiped it off within 5-10 second of applying and painted a coat of stain soon after that. Similar to pre-stain we wiped off the extra stain as well to get the wood texture. We used charcoal grey colour stain for the project. Then we let the pieces dry and at the end we applied a thin coat of finish.

After all the pieces were painted we stick them together with glue at their respective places and at the end we nailed them together. The last thing we did was to put a hook at top corners to hang the shelf on the wall.