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Introduction: BOTW Zelda Bokoblin Costume (body Paint)

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Okay I've been loving playing BOTW in my 'free' time! I can't wait to do more body paints of Zelda characters and monsters. Haha. Have you played this game? Do you like it? Are you going to be someone from the game for Halloween?! I'm going to be in Disney world at Mickey's not so scary Halloween party so I'm going to be the Cheshire cat. Haha. If you want to help support me, subscribe to my youtube page! Thank you! <3

Step 1: Outline

I took my white eyeliner pencil to outline the goofy face of the Bokoblin.

Step 2: Base

For the base of the Bokoblin I took this orange/pink/redish colored body paint from Mehron to put all over the base of the face. I kept the eye section, mouth section, and horn clean.

Step 3: Shadowing

I ended up doing a lot of shadowing in this look so I took the dark orange color from NYX ultimate brights eye shadow pallet to start. I went around the brows, horn, and added wrinkles around the forehead. I will be using this color for more shadowing later. I will also be using a black from urban decay called blackout and a red from my BH smoky eye shadow pallet.

Step 4: Tan

So I put this tan/pinkish color (I mixed a pink, white, and yellow body paint from Mehron together to get the color) and I put it on the horn, nose, and gums.

Step 5: Mouth Outline

I took black body paint from Mehron to outline the teeth, tongue and lips of the mouth.

Step 6: Teeth

I took some white body paint from Mehron to fill in the teeth.

Step 7: Tongue

I took pink from Mehron to fill int the tongue.

Step 8: Shading

I took a little bit of black eye shadow from Mehron to shadow around the teeth and tongue in the mouth.

Step 9: Black

Taking black from Mehron I'm going to fill in the rest of the mouth that I haven't touched.

Step 10: Nose

I used brown body paint from Mehron to map out the nose holes and then filled it in when I felt it looked good. Then I outlined the nose with a little bit of black body paint. Then I started filling in the nose and around the nose with some eyeshadows the same black and a little bit of red shadow.

Step 11: More Shadowing

Taking the same more shadows I took orange, red, and black and shadowed more around the face. I added more wrinkles mostly around the nose. and I made sure to deepen up the wrinkles on my head and around the horn.

Step 12: Eye Base

So I filled in the eyes with a light bright blue from Mehron then I went around them with that same face color I started with.


I used that same colors I've been using to shadow and detail around the eyes. I added wrinkles around the eyes too.

Step 14: Highlight

Taking a white body paint I highlighted around the whole face. I think a good rule to remember is if there is a shadow there should be a highlight. So that will help you know where to place the highlights.

Step 15: Repeat!

I then did the same thing on the other eye.

Step 16: Horn

I used a brown body paint to add lines on the horn. Then i took more black eye shadow to shadow even more around the horn.

Step 17: Black

I'm going to use black to black out the rest of my face.

Step 18: Body

The body is simple because they don't wear tops. Haha. So I used brown to paint on some straps then used the same color I used on the face to fill in the rest of the body.

Step 19: And the Last Bit of Shaowing

i used the same shadows i've been using to shadow around the whole body and shadowing around the straps. AND YOU'RE DONE

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