Introduction: BP Oil Spill Clean-Up Costume

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If anything could be more frustrating about 2010, i would have to pick the BP oil spill. But with every great tragedy there is a space to poke fun at those responsible.

This costume will make heads turn and you're sure to get strange looks from all your party

If you want to really help the gulf spill effort, please donate to some of the organizations helping clean up efforts

Thanks to the Yes Men, for inspiration.

Special thanks to culturespy and carleyy

Step 1: Supplies

For this costume you will need the following:

1 White jumpsuit
1 White hard hat
1 pair of black gloves
1 pair of goggles
1 dust mask
1 fake bird
1 can of black paint
Inkjet sticker paper with BP logos

Step 2: Officialize the Helmet

The first step is to "Officialize" the helmet using the sticker. Cut the sticker out nicely and apply to the helmet and PRESTO! You look official!

Check the 4th photo for the sticker template.

Step 3: Officialize the Jumpsuit

Now with a larger sticker, make the jumpsuit look official. I applied the sticker and then used white glue on the back to make it stick even better.

I used another small sticker for the front chest and a large sticker for the back.

If your jumpsuit is actual fabric, you could use an iron on.

Step 4: Recreate an Ecological Disaster

Now it's time to add the oil spill.

First i filled the jumpsuit with plastic bags and hung it up outside. I then preceeded to throw paint all over it. I also did this to the helmet and the fake bird i got.

Let it dry for about 24 hours afterwards.

Step 5: Walk Around and Freak People Out

Next step is to put it on and freak people out.

We got a few stares, and the seagulls ran away from me. They must have recognized the logo.

Hope you enjoyed this instructable and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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