Introduction: BREADBOARD

HI! This ’able is just a hint of to help you at you’r making them ”proto’s/ test- and some PCB’s”.
I’ve used until now of them both single- and double-sided prototype boards.

The funny thing is that the single sided ones have a footprint of say: a Breadboard.

The double sided are plated through, but NOT having the footprint of a Breadboard.

Gee.. I’ve done some built with them double-sided ones, just like a pain in the ******

Gonna throw them in the recycle bin.

Why can’t they offer a double-sided plated through board with a footprint of the single-sided? Well. I designed my own Breadboard. Got them now from my manuf.

Have used of them by now, just love them (not just because they are of my own design but…)

Why on earth didn’t I think about this earlye'r?

Note: These needs to be ”plated through” so it wouldn’t be to make them DIY, (or maybe?).

Step 1: Them PCB-files

OK. I’ll attach them Gerber files here for you to order of them from where-ewer you wish.
Maybe some notes: Them ”Power-rails” are CUT in the middle section of the PCB. This is because if you want to use different power-rails for some app’s.

Gee.. I trye'd to upload them Gerber-files as a zip-file but the server didn't let me, so I upload them as separately files:

NO SUCCESS. Contact me if you'r interested !

Step 2: Feedback

Please comment on this! It’s important.
It gives me more spirit into publish more, if there’s kind’f interest in my doing’s.