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This wedding gown and the tuxedo are wine bottle covers.  They are made from a white woman's glove, cotton or batting, wine bottles, cork, cardboard, white and black cloth napkins, and embellishments.  Easy enough for guys to do this to impress their sweetheart for those special occasions.    They are also suitable for a tablescape. You can use paper napkins for the tuxedo and the shirt.  See DIY Wedding gallery 1 and 2 for a collection of wedding ideas and how to make a different type of wedding dress. 


  1. One white ladies dress glove ( mid fore- arm or elbow length)
  2. One white ribbon 12 inches,
  3. One cork,
  4. One small floral embellishment,
  5. One large floral embellishment,
  6. Needle and matching thread,
  7. Scissors,
  8. Small handful of batting or cotton,
  9. Empty wine/beer bottle.
  10. Dab of glue,
  11. Measuring tape,
  12. Pins,
  13. Tape if you don't want to glue embellishments,


1. Invert the 3 middle fingers of the glove so that on the right side only the thumb and little   finger show. 
2. The glove should look like the picture with the fingers inverted.
3. Insert threaded needle to form the bodice. Insert it at about 2 1/2 to 3 inches from the top of the bodice using your judgement. 
4. Gather like the picture making sure you tack it a few times so that the threads don't come out.


5. Stuff each cup fully and also the (midriff lightly.)
6. Place on wine or beer bottle and place the cork into the wine bottle opening.  I slid the dress over the neck and along the side of the bottle sliding it down so that no batting would be at the opening before I put the cork in.
7. Tie the 2 fingers in a knott like this. Tie it a couple of times.
8. Bodice front after tying the fingers.
9. After you place the dress onto the bottle you need to shape the bodice using pins to determine the shape. I had to loop a few loops in the middle of the bodice after it was on the bottle to make the bodice look more like a bodice. This part takes a few tries to get it right. I did not sew anything except the middle of the bodice because I was going to re-use my glove. I used pins to secure it and just had the bottle at an angle so that the needles did not show.

Step 4: Waist

9. Make a slip knot so it is easy to go over the bottle one handed. Put the loop over the bottle neck and tie it in the back.
10. Shows dress back after it is tied. 


1.   One black and one white white paper or cloth napkin.  I used an 18 inch napkin but I would reccomend 12-14 if you are making the dress also.  The tuxedo  I made was too large but that is what I had on hand. 
2.   2 pieces of Cardboard measuring approx. 7X8 inches,
3.   Wine or beer bottle,
4.   Shirt :
5.   Embellishments for the shirt, 3 scrap book size buttons, 1 bow tie ( you can make one out of felt and put a button in the center or use a scrap booking bow tie on it.
7.  One embellishment for the tuxedo pocket.
8.  Straight pins for securing the arms.
9.  Glue or tape to secure the embellishments.

Step 6: SHIRT

1.  Lay out a white square cloth or paper napkin and fold into thirds. It might be helpful to iron in the folds if using cloth. 
2.  The picture shows what it should look like after it is folded into thirds. Flip it over so you don't see the part you just folded.
3.  Take the open end and make several small folds toward the center to form the center layer for the buttons.
4.  It should look like this after the center is folded. Fold a couple of inches toward you and press it so that it lays flat. Flip over.

5.  Fold the right hand flap ends toward the center of the shirt to form the collar flaps.
6.  See the fold lines here for the collar?
7. The back of the shirt should look like this.
8.  Now Press it so you have nice sharp creases to follow because you are going to unfold the shirt and make a cardboard insert to give it some support and re- fold it.
9.  I made a video on how to fold the shirt and the tuxedo.  It is in DIY wedding theme part 1 of my profile sylviasvideosfyi just in case anyone wants to see it.

Step 7: TUXEDO

  1. Lay napkin out flat diagonaly.
  2. Fold the top corner down toward you matching the points.
  3. Find center and mark with a pin. Remove the pin and turn down just about 1/4 inch  making a small  curve to make neckline. Curve it evenly on both sides and flip over.
  4. It should look like this.  Flip over again. 
  5. Fold the sides forming the arms. Fold the bottom tails up at the bottom of the arm hem making the bottom hem of the tuxedo as shown in view 6.
  6. The back will look like this.
  7. Press in the folds good because you will need to unfold the tuxedo to make the cardboard pattern and then re- fold it with the shirt inside. 
  8. I made a video on how to fold the shirt and the tuxedo.  It is in DIY wedding theme part 1 of my profile sylviasvideosfyi just in case anyone wants to see it. 


1. Unfold the shirt and make a cardboard pattern like this, slightly smaller than the shirt creases for the body of the shirt. Then re-fold the shirt with the cardboard inside.

2. Open the tuxedo and make a cardboard pattern like this that is slightly smaller than the tuxedo. Place your cardboard inside the middle of the tuxedo as shown and re-fold the tuxedo with the cardboard and the shirt inside. You will need to secure the cardboard at the collar with pins. Form the vest by pinning or gluing the sides. Hide your pins by tucking them under the vest. This takes a little practice to get the look you want.
3. Embellish the shirt and the vest and place it on the wine bottle.


11. I just kind of tucked the large embellishment in-between the bottles for decoration. I also added the small embellishment with tape. If you are going to keep this as a prop I would sew or glue them on the glove.


I took a few pictures of a table setting using the bride and groom wine bottle covers so you can see how they dress up a table.  I am sure someone viewing this instructable is really great at tables-capes however I am still learning.  I hope this instructable has been helpful to someone.  It has been great fun making these for the contest. 

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