Introduction: BUILD a MINIATURE "toy-hauler" CAMPER

OK....This will begin as a sort of reverse-instructable. I  will need comment & suggestions on how to best utilize the space given. I love the instructables on teardrop trailer construction and they gave me great ideas. but i can purchase an enclosed trailer new, for about the same and build from there. I want to add a little twist though......make it a miniature toy hauler camper. Micro campers are very popular these days which explains the demand for the retro teardrop style camper.

PROJECT:  to make a small teardrop sized camper/ BOL from a new enclosed trailer that i can also bring along my motorcycle along.

This is for those who can't afford those expensive "toy-hauler" campers.
the instructables on teardrops will be the base design that i will build upon.
The trailer has a side door for entry so i don't have to worry about purchasing a door or fabricating a door frame. As with any toy hauler it has a drop down ramp in the back.
The front area will have my counter top, cabinets, & small dorm sized refrigerator. the back area will have drop down bunks once the motorcycle is rolled out it will serve as a patio of sorts.
I plan to use LED for the lighting. I will construct a bracket for the front to hold my propane bottles. my propane generator will power the unit. I would like to make some sort of cut also for the window ac unit. obviously i will glue in insulation on the insides of the roof and  for the ceiling. some type of fresh water tank can somehow be incorporated into the unit. I'm thinking some type of suspended tank under the floor. (suggestions??)

there will be plenty of updates on this as well as pictures of my progress.
so far all i have is the trailer

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8 years ago on Introduction

Are you still working on this project?
I'm planning a similar thing minus the toy hauler element. I'm hoping to use a 4x6 trailer to store and haul my family's car camping gear. Since we'll be camping in the desert, I'm planning to create exterior spaces around a small cargo trailer.
Here are a few links to some of the projects that interest me. Good luck.


9 years ago on Introduction

you need to go here:

and check out those builds.

My personal "toterhome" that I built on an International MDT chassis:

tons of DIY info on building a toyhauler there.


9 years ago on Introduction

You might find some inspiration from the Airstream Basecamp (no longer in production, apparently).

I like the patio idea - It might be as easy as getting a couple of adjustable car stands to hold the corners of the ramp up. You could install snaps or hooks for a canvas curtain across the opening so you can keep the inside cool and airconditioned while the patio is deployed.


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

basecamp looks like the high dollar version of what i'm trying to build. very nice though. i got some ideas from the pics of them. thanks colinlewis