Introduction: BUILT ON BOLT

Here i want to tell how to create a smart dustbin.

The smart bin generally we are not like to carry the dust with us and trow it into a dustbin so for this will be used if we have a dust or any waste with us we can make the dustbin come to us and it will take the dust or waste from us and can send it into it's place.

To make a dustbin into a smart bin

The components we need is

1)Bolt device

2)DC motors (2)

3)servo motor


5)Jumper wires(male to male ,female to female ,male to female)

6)power supply

7)Ardiuno uno

8)Ultra sonic sensor


Step 1: Components

Step 2: Fixing the Dc Motors and Tires

Fix the dc motors and tires using screws, bolts,screwdriver.

where the bin have comfort to move forward, backward,left,right

Step 3: About DC Motor

DC motor is used to give moment to the bin.

DC motor will chance it's direction by changing it's polarities

By this we can make the bin to move (forward,reverse,left,right)

For changing the polarities L298 motor driver is used.

Step 4: Connecting DC Motors to L298 Motor Driver

L298 Motor driver,In this driver we can connect two motors.and this driver act as a H-Bridge

At the L298 there is (+ and -) symbols at there we will place the 12v battery we will connect the polarities of battery according to polarities indication on the L298 motor driver

At the M1 out we will connect the dc motor one and at these no need to connect according to polarities and similarly at M2 out

Step 5: Connecting L298 to Bolt Device

L298 motor driver has two enable pins one for motor 1 and another for motor 2 these enable pins are used to make the motors "ON" and "OFF" we will connect these enable pins to digital pins of the bolt

and vcc and ground pins to make L298 driver " ON ". Vcc and Ground pins are connect to 5v pin and gnd pin respectively on the bolt device

another 4 pins to control the dc motors directions using the bolt micro-controller.

we will connect these 4 pins of motor one and two to the digital pins of the bolt device. Using jumper wires

Step 6: Programming the BOLT

we will dump the in website "ipaddress-of-bolt/developer"example( at the we will dump the program

To dump first we have to know the ip address of the bolt we can know the bolt by "advance ip scanner software"

in that we can know the bolt i address and to know that both the scanning device and bolt device have to connect to the same wifi.

And we can also change the bolt wifi using "ipaddressofbolt/settings" example (1920168.0.2/settings)

For Dumping or uploding the text should be save in htm format.

after uploding you can control the motors . if the motors are rotating wrongly when you are given some direction on bolt page you can make it correct by changing the pins of motors or by changing the states of pins in the program(any one)

Step 7: Controlling Over the Cloud

to make your motors to work over the cloud you have to uplode the code in cloud before that you have to register your bolt on cloud

to register your bolt device use "ipaddresofbolt/register?email=youremail"emample(

after register you have to go to "" website and login with your email after you logged in you can see your registered device.

now uplode the code "bolt.js" and then "robot control "

and select the type of robot control page then after when you come back to the home page of page and select your device and you can able to control the motors

Step 8: Connecting Servo Motor and Ultrasonic Sensor to Arduino Uno

servo motor has three wires generally they are RED and Brown and Yellow

red wire is vcc pin and brown pin is gnd pin and yellow pin is signal pin we will connect the vcc pin to 5v pin and gnd pin to gnd pin and signal pin to 8th pin of ardiuno UNO

ultra sonic sensor has four pins vcc pin and trigger pin and echo pin and gnd pin.

we will connect the vcc pin to 3.3v pin on ardiuno pin and trig pin to 7 and echo pin to 6 pin on the ardiuno board.

and we will uplode the program on ardiuno board

you have to connect the servo motor where it is capable to open the dustbin door.

By the ulrasonic sensor the servo motor will work

Step 9: Power Supply to Ardiuno and Bolt Device

ardiuno board can take upto 6 to 12v to on the board we will supply the 12v to the Vin pin of the ardiuno board and we will connect the 5v pin of the ardiuno board to the 5v pin of the bolt device and gnd pin of the ardiuno board to the gnd pin of the bolt device.

We have only one 5v pin ardiuno board but we have to connect the both the servo motor vcc and 5v pin to the bolt from the 5v pin to ardiuno for that we will solder the jumper wires of servo motor vcc and 5v pin of the bolt and we will connect that it into the 5v pin of the ardiuno board.

Step 10:

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