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Introduction: Travel Toothpaste Refiller - SUGRU STYLE

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If you travel, you have probably purchased a small quantity of some product that you already buy in regular quantity or bulk.
Toothpaste often comes in 6.4oz tubes or greater, but the TSA allows 3oz or less.

For the last several years, I have occasionally transferred toothpaste from a large tube into a small tube in order to travel by plane, and actually, I am a minimalist and I prefer using a travel tube at home so that it takes up less room on the vanity.

I am frugal, and creative, and for years i simply made a little bit of a mess while squeezing the big into the small and I end brushing my teeth with the over-fill or spillage (quantity 3-5 times more than normal brushing)

This easy tool will save me time and money and will probably last the rest of my life.


- at least 2 toothpaste tubes(or LIDS) to start with.
one "sachet" of SUGRU (uncured silicone rubber)
scissors (to carefully open SUGRU)
drill with proper drill-bit

Tweezers to remove drilling shreds if there are any

Step 2: SUGRU Is Awesome 1 Million Uses

I used this one sachet for 5 purposes:
1) 1st toothpaste converter
2) 2nd toothpaste converter
3) a dab for the top of a silly towel-hook that always lets the towel slip off
4) 6 dabs to make the spigot near my garage a little grippier
5) a cord holder on the rear edge of my desk

all in about 30 minutes
and after 24 hours I was ready to finish the toothpaste converters

Step 3: Less Is More! It Is Very Powerful Stuff.

There are plenty instructions on SUGRU so read 'em

Make a ring on one of the lids first.

Step 4: Mold the SUGRU to Create a Good Bond.

i guess you could do this with just about anything you use often
this application is really ideal given the grooves in the items being stuck together.
Once the shape is right set the tubes down and let them dry for 24 hours.

it may take a little less than 24 hours, but don't rush it.

in 24 hours you won't be able to pull them apart, yeah, go ahead, try it, haha

Step 5: The Converters Need to Be DRILLED

obviously this is useless without a hole

Step 6: Drill a Hole Throuh the Converter

if you get lucky there will be no plastic shards that don't stick to the drill

Step 7: Perfect Hole for Toothpaste to Flow Through

all of the gunk is toothpaste, but to be safe brush out the lids with a toothbrush. whooda thunk?



Step 9: A FULL TRAVEL TOOTHPASTE for Less With No Mess

Once you have squeezed the little guy full you should screw and old empty back on the regular sized tube to keep it fresh.
Good Luck

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10 years ago on Step 9

I travel quite a bit, and the brand of toothpaste I like best is just not available in small tubes. With this method.. I can switch brands and get exactly what I want. Brilliant!


10 years ago on Introduction

These work great. I used hot glue on mine. Clean them out after use with hot water and a toothbrush. Ha Ha.


10 years ago on Introduction

Excellent idea! Now if I could just learn how to refill the travel sized shaving cream cans I'd be all set!

Manny B
Manny B

10 years ago on Introduction

Holy bahjebus! It's awesome seeing this Instructable. About 10 years ago, i mentioned to someone that the small toothpaste things were convenient but wasteful. I wondered if they could be refilled someway using a DIY cap system. Man, i was laughed out of the room and called 'cheap' :(
Thanks for putting this out there.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

10 years ago on Introduction

Puttingtoothpaste back in the tube is said to  be like putting the cat back in the bag.  In fact both of those phrases are used figuratively in the English language to describe processes that are easy to do, but difficult to undo.

But now conventional wisdom might have to rethink the cliche about putting toothpaste back in the tube.  Nice instructable!


5 years ago

I made a instructable just like this one. I did not see this one here! I hope I am not a copy cat.. Here are pictures of mine if you are interested... I welded my caps together using heat so they could not come apart. Sorry to copy your process.. How embarassing!! LOL

04 - Caps connected.JPG08 - Test fit both ends on tube of toothpaste.JPG09 - connect two tubes one on each end.JPG10 - Move toothpaste from one tube to other.JPG

6 years ago

I made another one without the air-space between the two caps.

15, 3:08 AM.jpg15, 3:08 AM.jpg15, 3:08 AM.jpg15, 3:08 AM.jpg15, 3:08 AM.jpg15, 3:09 AM.jpg

6 years ago on Introduction

Syringes can be bought at veterinary/farm supply stores. 20 cc is a good size.
No need for a needle. Just suck up what you need and squirt it into the desired container. Good for custom mixes.

I will make these for our toothpaste and for hair color tubes because my daughter and I are cosmetoligists and use a lot of hair color.

I also have several of these 'Tube Keys' that we use on toothpaste, hair color,Neosporin, Hydracortzone cream, hand lotion and anything else that comes in a tube. They are $2 each but we didn't pay that much for ours because we got them at a beauty supply store in packages of 12. Add this to your cool refiller and you'll save some money and feel better about not being wasteful. It keeps a lot of empty tubes out of the landfill, too.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&ion=1&biw=1366&bih=554&wrapid=tlif132096847324410&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=9834854737315582061&sa=X&ei=KGG8ToekNpGlsAKU85jdBA&ved=0CGIQ8wIwAA#