Introduction: Babaágy / Baby Bed

My first baby bed :) This has some mistake, but that is my bed :)

Step 1: The Boards, Cutting, Making Tables

I use pine, I have this at home.

I use jointer and table saw, making the tables at the first.

Step 2: Side Elements

Making the side elements.

From little tables I make the side.

First I use my router for the dominos, than rounding and using glue.

Step 3: The Long Side and Painting

I make the long side without glue and painting, then use Tung oil.

Step 4: The Upper Part Is Put Together, Making the Mattress Holder

I put the upper part together then I make the mattress holder.

Step 5: The Lower Part

I make the bottom.

I have a mistake, I'll fix this.

The next step is the hinge. I make this from steel and the bed gets adjustable legs.

Step 6: The Bed in Place

The bed in the room,

I used two colors during the painting but I have a little mistake and I get another color :)

(I have bad english, sorry :))

I use more machines:

table saw, miter saw, jointer, Biscuit Jointer, drill, router and sanders.

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