Babe's Salad Food Hack

Introduction: Babe's Salad Food Hack

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In Texas, we have a regional chain of restaurants called Babe's. They are known for family style dining, but one of my favorite items on the menu is their dinner salad. It only comes with one dressing choice (It's a sweet vinaigrette and it's wonderful!) and it usually only has iceberg lettuce in it, but I love it.

Today, we are making our version of this delicious salad. Feel free to make it this way, or just use the dressing portion of this instructable. 


Step 1: Ingredients.

1 Head Iceberg Lettuce

Optional: Shredded Carrots

1 Cup White Sugar

1/2 Cup Vinegar (either white or apple cider)

3/4 Cup Vegetable Oil

1/2 tsp. Black Pepper

1/2 tsp. Onion Powder

1 tsp. Dry Ground Mustard

1 tsp. Salt

1 tsp. Sesame Seeds.

Step 2: Make the Dressing.

Start by combining all of your ingredients except the sesame seeds in a medium sauce pan.

Stir constantly as you bring it to a boil then immediately remove from heat and add the sesame seeds.

Allow the dressing to cool and then store it in the container of your choice.

Note: You absolutely, positively must watch the pot while you are heating or it will boil over. You have been warned!

Note: Keep in mind, that this dressing will separate like most oil/vinegar mixtures, so you must shake it before you use it.

Step 3: Chop That Lettuce

This step may seem like a moot point, but if you don't know how to chop lettuce, this may help.

Grasp the lettuce firmly and drive it into you cutting board. This will break the heart loose. Discard the heart.

Peel off a few of the outer layers until you reach the clean lettuce. 

Cut it in halve, then 1/4's, chopping until it is the size you want.  

Place it in the container you want to serve it in and chill it until you are ready to serve.

Note: If you compost, the lettuce waste will make an excellent addition to your compost heap.

Step 4: Mix It and Eat It.

Add your carrot slivers, your dressing, and toss until the salad is coated. 

Serve it up and enjoy.

Keep in mind, you are free to add as many ingredients as you like to make this a perfect salad, I simply chose to keep it as close as possible to what they serve in the restaurant.

Thanks for reading.

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