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Introduction: Baby Bib Out of a T-shirt

If you have been around any infants lately you know how many bibs they use a day. My granddaughter goes through 10 a day. So I decided I would make her a few. When I started looking for material I had at home I found a box of T-shirts that were her mothers. They are nice and soft so they will make great bibs. Here are a few that I made. The pictures are from different bibs because I learned a few tricks as I went along.

Step 1: Pattern

I started with a bib that I had for a pattern. Her mother likes the bandana bibs so that is the one I am using. You can use any size bib you want. Just lay the bib on the material or shirt you are using. I am also using a spare towel for the back of the bib. I listed the dimensions on the picture of the bib. This is the finished size. So if you are making a pattern add a inch to each side for a seam allowance. Pattern size 17x13 x13.. Of course if your picture on the t-shirt is slightly bigger you can change the dimensions.

Step 2: Cutting

Lay your T-shirt down and cover the picture you want on the bib. You can cut the front and back from the front and back of the T-shirt or you can use the front and different material on the back. One of mine I used a towel for the back. Once you have the T-shirt and towel together just cut around your pattern. Since I was just using the finished bib I added the 1/2 inch seam allowance as I went.

Step 3: Sewing

Take your front and back pieces and put the right side together. You are going to sew around the bib and turn the bib so you have no seams showing. After the first bib I learned it is better to start about 5 inches from the corner on the top of the bib. Sew all the way around and leave about 3 inches open. This will give you room to turn the bib but the corners are much cleaner if they are already sewn. Also trim the points on each corner and it is easier to turn. Do not start sewing in one of the corners because it is hard to turn.

Step 4: Final Stitching

After you turn the bib, iron the seams on the bib. This will make the top stitching easier. Now sew all the way around making sure you fold in the opening where you turned the bib.

Step 5: Adding Snap and Finishing

I have Babyville pliers for adding snaps. You can use this or you can sew on snaps, or Velcro. Be careful with Velcro because some Velcro is stiff and can scratch the neck of the baby. I like the Babyville snaps because they look good on both sides and the bib can be reversible. Now you have finished your first bib. It turned out so cute I made three more. The first one I used terry cloth on one side so it would be good for feeding time. The others I just used two pieces of the t-shirt. They are so soft and my daughter loves that they are made from t-shirts that she wore. I hope you enjoy. Please post pictures if you make any.

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    5 years ago

    such a good idea.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks, they look so cute and my daughter loves that they are from her tshirts.