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Introduction: Baby Bonnet Hat

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Baby bonnet hat made with fleece cloth and crochet pom pom decoration.

Step 1: Things Required

Fleece cloth

Pink and white yarn


Thread and sew machine

Measuring tape

Crochet hook

Fabric glue

Safety pin

Step 2: Start Stitching

Measure and cut the fleece cloth 9X 7 inch.

Fold the cloth to wrong side and stitch on one end.

For the lace opening, fold half an inch and stitch on both edge.

Step 3: Crochet Pom Pom/flowers

1. Wind yarn around your two fingers, approximately 10 times and tie tightly in the centre.

2. Slide the bundle off your fingers.

3. Cut open on each sides and trim evenly if necessary.

4. Make 7 pom pom in each colours (pink and white)

Step 4: Final Look..

1. Stick the pom pom on edges of the hat using fabric glue.

2. Now for the bonnet hat lace, start making basic crochet chain stitches for about 15 inches.

For the chain stitch, first form a slip knot. While your crochet hook is still inside the slip knot, slide the hook in between your yarn and the index finger on your left hand. Rotate your crochet hook by about one quarter turn counterclockwise, and use your middle finger, fourth finger, and pinkie to help you manipulate the yarn so that you can easily grab it with the crochet hook. First chain stitch is done, now repeat the same process until you reach 15 inches.

3. Attach a large safety pin on one of chain stitch and insert it into opening of hat and push the safety pin as much as you can and take out from other end.

4. Stitch pom pom on both ends of lace.

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