Baby Changing Table




Introduction: Baby Changing Table

I built this changing table for my grandson. It accommodates a standard size changing pad. The top could be removed and replaced with a solid top later to make a nice shelving unit.

Step 1: Choose Lumber According to Size You Want to Make Table

Step 2: Assembling

Cut and assemble frame according to size. Glue as well as using screws to secure. I used Kreg Jig.

Step 3: Assembly

Continue to glue and screw wood together. Clamp and let set. Add shelves. Sand completely.

Step 4: Top Assembly

I built the top to accommodate a standard changing pad. Plus added two compartments for wipes, etc.

Step 5: Paint

Paint or stain... your preference. The top could easily be taken off and replaced with a solid top making a nice shelving unit later.

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    4 years ago

    Beautiful. I am sure that your grandbaby's parents will treasure your thoughtful creation. However, I hope that they are more selfish than I was with my daughter's baby furniture. Her grandparents gave her beautiful things, including a gorgeous carved oak cradle. After she was born, we knew she was going to be an only child. So did everyone who knew us, and they asked to borrow the furniture. Things were passed from our friends to their friends to a whole group of people we never met. After all, our daughter was an only child, so "she didn't need it."

    Needless to say, the items never came back. I regret the loss of the things my in laws and parents gave to my daughter, especially now that she is grown and might want kids of her own someday. Perhaps you could share my story with your child so that your great grandchildren might use the changing table someday. And thank you for sharing your instructable, I really appreciate it.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you for your comment. We live in a generation where everything is disposable. Not a lot is appreciated anymore. I have one son and I really don't expect him to "save" anything I've given him or pass down to him. But then again, maybe he will surprise me. LOL. Again, I appreciate your comment.