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Introduction: Musical Baby Crib Mobile

Baby mobiles are a common nursery decoration that plays gentle music along some hanging toys that keep your newborn entertained. It is probably the first thing that anyone buys when welcoming a new baby into the world. So I thought, why not make one myself using........ ***OLD TOYS*** that have no use and just take up free space from your garage.

Step 1: Tools Needed

Step 2: Preparing the Wood Plate

Measure and mark where you want to create the holes.

To make six holes follow the picture above with the measurements (adjust to the radius of your wood plate).

Step 3:

Use the drill to make holes that are just a bit bigger than the rope you plan to use.

Paint the wood in any acrylic paint.

Step 4: ​Extracting the Audio Mechanism

Open the toy carefully and take the electric circuit as complete as possible.

I used heated utility knife to cut the battery holder out.

Step 5:

If any of the wires are loose you can use a soldering iron to strengthen the connections.

Lastly use hot glue or electrical tape to isolate the connections.

Step 6: Preparing the Audio Cube

Measure and mark the foam board:

I measured six 8cm *8cm squares In order to make an 8cm *8cm *8cm cube.

mark the squares with a ruler and a pen.

Cut the squares using a utility knife.

Step 7:

Mark the outlines of the buttons \ speaker you have in your audio mechanism.

Cut them out using a utility knife.

Step 8:

Measure and mark six 8cm*8cm squares on the felt and cut them.

Mark the same shapes you cut from the foam board, on the felt.

Cut the shapes out.

The felt is ment to be sitting perfectly on top of the foam board.

Step 9:

Use the fabric glue to glue the felt over the foam board.

Step 10:

Insert the buttons and speaker where you made place for them.

Step 11: Assemble the Cube and Arrange the Circuit Inside

Place each of the circuit components where it should be (for example- the buttons should be behind the plastic button covers), and use hot glue to set them.

Step 12:

Use hot glue to assemble the cube's walls leaving one unattached.

Step 13: Creating a "door"

Use eight small magnets to create a wall that can be opened in case you need to change the batteries.

Place them in four corners and glue using hot glue.

Step 14: Decorations Time: Hot Air Balloons

Use any round object to mark circles on a construction paper ( I made two different sizes).

Cut the circles out using scissors.

Step 15: Hot Air Balloons

Each balloon needs three circles (preferably different colors).

Fold two of the circles in half.

Glue one side of the folded circles to the unfolded one as shown in the picture above.

Cut a trapeze shaped "basket" and glue to the bottom of the balloon

Repeat and make as many hot air balloons as you like.

Step 16: Felt Decorations

Draw the desired shape on the felt (for example- I drew clouds and raindrops).

Cut them out using scissors.

Make a small cut at the top of your felt decorations, and at the top of your hot air balloons.

Step 17:

Place the felt shapes on a 1.2m long rope in the order you like (leave about 0.5m of the rope empty).

Tie the end of the rope to the hot air balloon and cut the excess.

Repeat six times.

Step 18:

Thread the ropes through the holes we made in the round wood.

Make a simple tie knot so they do not move.

Step 19:

Tie all ropes making a loop at the top so you can hang the mobile.

Glue the audio cube to the center of the wood.

(You can repeat the last step with a smaller wood above the cube to create tiered mobile)

Hang your new musical mobile.

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    Clever use for old toys, great idea!