Introduction: Baby Elephant

You will be learning how to make a baby elephant out of clay. You got this! Just trust the process :)


  • 1 pound of clay
  • vinegar w/ paintbrush
  • water
  • needle tool
  • magic tool
  • plastic bag

Step 1: Separating Clay Into 5

Get one pound of clay. From that same pound of clay, grab 4 pieces out of it, the last piece will be whatever is left from that same pound of clay.

One piece should be around the size of a golf ball, 3 pieces should be the size of a bouncy ball and the last one should be around the size of a tennis ball.

Step 2: Making the Body

*Get the biggest piece of clay and put the other parts aside, I recommend putting them in a plastic bag in order to prevent them from drying out while working on this part.*

Firmly push your thumb halfway through the clay

Form a wider hole by pinching the sides forming a bowl like the image above( make sure it's not too thin)

Step 3: Shape It

Pinch the whole thing slightly to make it have an oval shape to it.

Step 4: Forming Legs

Use the magic tool to cut out four small "u" shapes. (The sides should have wider U's)

Then smooth the "legs" out as well as the rest of the clay.

Step 5: Making Elephant's Head

You will now get the golf ball sized clay and mark Xs on one side with the needle tool.

Then mark Xs on the front side of the elephant' body.

Step 6: Attaching Them

Apply vinegar on both marked spots with your small brush.

Attach them together and smooth it out.

Step 7: Elephant's Trunk

Grab one of the bouncy ball sized clay. Roll it out carefully until it forms an elephant's trunk

Once you're done with that, get your needle tool and mark X's on the end of the trunk and on the front of the elephant's head.

Apply vinegar to both spots and attach.

Step 8: Elephant's Ears Aaand Done :)

Now, get the two other bouncy ball sized pieces of clay. These will be used to make the ears.

Place your thumb on one of them and push down to make it flat. (example in image) Then, do the same with the other.

Smooth them out from the edges/sides.

Carve X's on one side of each ear and both sides of the head.

Apply vinegar with brush on the X's and place the ears on the side of the head.

Final result above. :)