Introduction: Baby Monster

They dont make costumes for 3 month old so, I made my sons costume. I had left over materials from other projects I have made in the past when i couldn't find what I was looking for. I liked the monster costumes in the stores. I wanted my son to be the cookie monster but I ate all the cookies. Also, with his paws he wouldn't be able to pick up the cookies so, hes the Baby Monster.


1 plain bib
1 beanie
4 socks
1 1piece jumper
furry fabric
2 inch velcro for hood
foam decals for claws
foam decals for circles on feet
9 red medium pom poms
for the dots on the chest, 1 for the nose
2 large white pom poms for eyes
2 large moveable eyes
4 4"x4" furry cut outs for the feet
4 3"x 3"furry cut outs for the hands


Jumper Bib and Paws

1 .Cut out 2' pieces of furry fabric to cover the bib and the back of the jumper.
2. Cut 2" x 15" for the spine and tail.
3. Glue tail on the jumper. Add fabric pieces on the sides.
4. Take 2 4x4 and 2 3x3 and glue to the socks with the fur not showing. Take the other fur feet cut outs and glue to the top of the socks with fur up attaching the sides to the bottom cut outs.
5. Take Foam claws and circle cut outs and glue to the bottom part of the socks.
6. Glue red pom poms to the bib.


1.Cut fabric and  glue to the cap.
2. Glue white pom poms for eyes.
3. Red pom pom for nose.
4. Add left over fabric for eyebrows and hair.
5. Glue  eyes on pom poms
6. Glue velcro to make the 2 ends attach on the hood.

Put on bib over the jumper and add your sock paws. Put on our hood and your ready to go.

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