Baby Moose Booties




Introduction: Baby Moose Booties

These booties are simple to make and super cute!
These booties are made with moose hide but any leather will do. The ones shown are basic without any fancy buttons, beads or fur.

Step 1: Cut Pattern

Cut leather and hide into desired pattern and size. The pattern can be found at ------.

Tip: cut as close as possible to the edges to save material! Leather can be very pricey!

Step 2: Mark the Halfway Point and Pin

Gold the leather and felt strip in half and pin the to the heel of the foot. To find the centre of the heel, fold the foot lengthwise and pin at the middle.

Step 3: Stitch Heel and Beyond

Start stitching at the heel. Leave a tail at the heel for when the stitching meets up again.

Here, I did a buttonhole stitch. Use any stitch but make sure to use leather sinew or strong thread if you're using leather. If the stitching will be visible, it's recommended to use thread which matches the "look" of your booties (I used blue sinew to match the blue felt inside the booties).

You can also stitch along the top of the booty (which is shown in the image). This keeps the felt to the leather but if you are just using felt, just leather, or adding a trim, then its unnecessary.

Step 4: Continue Stitching

Stitch to the toe, and connect the strip of leather and felt together overlapping at the toe.

Step 5: Stitch Until It Meets at the Heel

Continue stitching until you meet up at the heel. Tie a few strong knots to the two tails of the sinew or thread.

Tip: sinew can be slippery so try an extra knot and/or burn the excess thread after the knots to seal it in place.

Optional: decorative buttons, beads or fur can be added to the booty.

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    2 years ago

    Is there a printable pattern?


    6 years ago

    So cute! Some little baby is super lucky to get these.