Introduction: Baby Orb "The Next Revolutionary Thing to Come to Babies Worldwide!"

Do you have relatives or kid of your own who just seams to get their drink all over their face well here is the solution, the baby orb. With it's easy to handle design kids will be able to drink more efficiently. 

Step 1: The Revolutionary Baby Orb Lid.

It can be filled with any liquid. The baby or toddler drinks from the ring around the orb where there is a hole. You can also poor very efficiently with the design of a bubble at the top that has a hole which enters the liquid holder. This allows air to enter freely in and out for a smoother flow of liquid so no messy spills. The top can be removed to be washed cleaning along with the bottle.

Step 2: Baby Orb Baby Bottle

Then there is the bottle. The bottle is squeezable so that, just as the squeezable mouth washes on television, it allows the mom to squeeze the right amount of drink for there child. You can see the amount of liquid in the top because it is clear and you can see how much you are giving the child.

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