Introduction: Baby Pillow

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This easy baby pillow is comforting, especially for small children like babies! You will need a sewing machine.

Step 1: Which Fabric? Time to Sew

You should probably choose a softer fabric and with a comfortable pattern.

Once you have chosen your fabric, start hemming, and then double-stitch 3 of the 4 sides.

Step 2: Stuffing the Pillow

Stuff the pillow with shredded cotton. I shredded cotton balls. Make sure you have enough cotton for the size of your pillow.

Step 3: Sew and Cut

Once you have stuffed the pillow, sew off the last side and trim off the hem, so it won't poke the baby.

Step 4: Ready for Use!

Once you have finished steps 1-3, you can give it to your newborn or toddler. You may also add lace or ribbon, but that step is up to you. And also, congratulations on the new baby!!!